Acrylic Extension with Nail Art Kit

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Our Acrylic Extension with Nail Art Kit ensures that you can consistently produce salon-quality nails for a long time!

This kit will ensure that your clients leave the salon feeling fantastic following their manicure.

- For nail professionals, nail technicians, salon professionals, salon owners, and entrepreneurs, this package is a must-have.

- Acrylic Extensions with Nail Art Kit is intended for usage both in and out of the salon.

- From essentials to core high-quality acrylic nail products, nail art accessories, professional tools, and nail machinery, the kit has it all.

Our Acrylic Extension with Nail Art is especially advised for Acrylic Extenstion fans who want to make their nails seem beautiful and eye-catching, as well as nail biters and clients with weak or thin nail beds. We also include complete instruction and counselling from our experienced nail trainers, including information on the products, their applications, application techniques, and vital tricks & tips, as well as business consultation. zing & attractive and it also works like magic for nail biters and clients with weak or small nail beds.

With the kit, we also offer complete training and guidance provided by our professional nail trainers where one gets to learn about the products, uses, application techniques, and essential tricks & tips with business consultation.