Level-6 Train the Trainer Program

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Take your career to the next level with our comprehensive Level 6:

Train the Trainer Program. Designed for freshers, semi-trained nail technicians, and freelancers, this program is perfect for those looking to upgrade their skills and start their career as a professional nail tech, trainer, or master trainer. Our course covers a wide range of topics, including nail anatomy, shaping, extensions, effects, creative nail art, French manicure, in-built nails, and professional nail extensions, removals, and refills procedure. With a strong academic foundation, hands-on practice training on live models, and personalized attention from our experienced mentors, you'll receive a well-rounded education. Additionally, our program includes business consulting sessions to help you navigate starting a new setup, investment tips, marketing ideas, and pricing structure. Join us to elevate your skills and become a certified nail professional!