Are You Using Makeup Sponge in the Right Way? Tips And Hacks to Know!

February 16 2021

The beauty field has become a billion-dollar industry that people are keen on investing in. You can ask the Kardashians and Rihanna how much they are minting from their brands. However, our focus today is on the beauty sponge which is a must tool for every makeup artist.

Since its invention, beauty sponge has become the easiest way to blend it on the skin. They were first designed into square shapes but later into triangle shapes due to packaging. However, in 2002 Rea Ann Silva changed the shape further into a hot pink teardrop which we know of today known as a BeautyBlender. It has become a popular makeup must-have for every individual with over $130 million in sales. Read on to know all about the BeautyBlenders.

What Is A Beauty Sponge?

A beauty sponge is a tool used to apply, mix or blend any liquid or cream-based product on the skin for a smooth finish. Did you know that there are 20 different design makeup sponges? The different shapes are used to ensure that the sponges reach different facial edges when contouring. Although the BeautyBlender is the most popular, later its rivals were introduced such as the wedge-shaped beauty sponge, which adds a variety to the world of Makeup Sponges. You can take a look at the various shapes and choose the best that suits you.

Beauty Blender

How To Use A Makeup Sponge in a Right Way

A beauty sponge is a must-have tool for your makeup routine. Applying foundation has never been that easy. Fortunately, this three-step guide has got your back.

1. Wet

Did you know that you are supposed to use the beauty sponge when wet? It is made of special aqua activated foam material. When you wet the sponge, the material absorbs the water rather than the product. Thus, you apply maximum foundation or cream on your skin.

2. Squeeze

Once the sponge is wet, you should squeeze out any excess water. The idea is to use it while it's damp. Hence, when applying your product it will bounce off the beauty sponge to your skin.

3. Bounce

The best way to achieve a seamless uniform look is by bouncing the tip of the sponge. This will prevent any lines or streaks from appearing. Use the tip to contour harder areas to reach, such as under the eyes and nose. On the other hand, you can bounce the wider edge on your forehead and cheeks.

Makeup Tips

How To Clean A Makeup Sponge?

There are special cleansers meant to clean your beauty sponge. You can check out various brands in the market. However, you can also clean it using mild soap and baby shampoo. The trick is to use warm water and massage the sponge until the stains disappear and the water is clear. Finally, roll out the sponge on a towel and leave it to dry.

Tip: You should clean your make-up sponge at least once a week to avoid the build-up of germs and grime. Also, switch to a new one after three months.

Beauty Sponge Tips & Hacks You Can’t Miss

What kind of article would this be without a few tips and tricks to get you going with your makeup sponge. So, let’s get to the points.

  1.  Before applying your foundation, use a primer on your beauty sponge. It will act as a barrier, so the foundation doesn’t get absorbed. It also ensures a uniform finish.
  2. Use a dry sponge with a light tapping motion to get full coverage with any foundation.
  3. If you have freckles, use a wet clean sponge to pick the foundation of your skin. They will be more pronounced.
  4. For dewy skin, use a wet sponge to apply your product.
  5. You can fix patchy makeup by wiping excess oils using tissue paper. Then, use a wet makeup sponge to fix the affected area.
  6. For dry skin apply oil on your BeautyBlender.
  7. Use baking powder to get rid of dark circles. Apply it on a damp beauty sponge and leave it to sit for a couple of minutes.
  8. Use a mini sponge to apply eye-shadow.
    Makeup Sponge
  9. For a natural finish, apply blush on your makeup sponge and finally a highlighter.
  10. Blot away excess makeup using the dry part of the beauty sponge.
  11. You can reuse your old makeup sponge by cutting it in half.
  12. You can set your makeup by applying a setting spray on the blender and applying a highlighter.
  13. Blot excess oils with a makeup sponge to control a greasy look.
  14. Save your look using a beauty sponge.
  15. Clean it daily using warm water and soap.

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Pro Arte Makeup

2. Colorbar Beauty Blend Sponge - This hot pink sponge easily fits in your palm and helps in an even blend of the product without absorbing it. Thanks to its neat shape, its wide side blends products over your cheeks and forehead while the narrow tip gives the ultimate precision for contouring and highlighting.

Colorbar Beauty Blender

3. Kryolan Sponges - Kryolan’s range of beauty products has many varieties, perfect to suit your make-up purpose. The round sponge is made of fine-pored polyurethane which is highly effective in all types of wet-applied cosmetics. And the triangular sponge it offers is perfect for detailed make-up work.

Kryolan Makeup Sponge

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