Bridal Makeup Guide - Makeup for Every Bride-to-be on Her Wedding Functions

November 10 2020

Wedding bells! Your special day is almost here, and you still haven't decided on the best bridal makeup kit to use? I hear a panic attack rising. But keep calm. Your beauty expert is here with the perfect bridal makeup guide, as recommended by professionals. With these five looks, you can look stunning during all your bridal events. So, sit back and take notes.

Makeup Looks All Through The Wedding Days...

1. Haldi Look

As the ceremonial bath and the Haldi paste will cover your skin, you’ll want to keep your makeup minimal. It should be just enough to accentuate your natural glow.

For Hair: Make it simple but elegant, curls can go up as a perfect match to take your look to all-new levels. If you prefer to curl yourself, Curling tong from Vaibhav stores comes with a wide range of options to pick from. Add on to your look with beautiful hair accessories from Parineeta. This will glorify your look like a bride.

For Makeup:
  • Brighten up your face and even out your skin tone with Kryolan Supra foundation
  • On the hollows of your cheeks, apply contour from Profusion Highlighter & Contour Kit. Use the highlighter from the same kit on the high-points of your face.
  • Swipe some blush on the apples of your cheeks from Revolution LA Girl Blush Palette.
  • Use a neutral shade of eyeshadow from Miss Claire Eyeshadow Palette.
  • Wrap up your look with some Miss Claire Waterproof Mascara. Select a nude shade of lipstick from Miss Claire Lip Palette.

    2. Mehendi/Sangeet Look

    For your Mehandi and Sangeet ceremonies, you will want your makeup to stay perfectly in place for a long time. Especially since you're going to do a lot of dancing for your Sangeet. So, long-lasting products that won’t fade are your only options here.

    For Hair: For your Mehendi and Sangeet, add some natural-looking curls and volume to your hair. For this, you can use Ikonic Curling Tong to get the perfect curls.

    For Makeup:
    • Give your brows the special attention they deserve with Miss Claire Eyebrow Cake.
    • Use a long-lasting, dewy foundation to boost the radiance of your skin.
    • Highlight your face using Revolution Highlighter Palette.
    • Add some color to the apples of your cheeks. Use blush from Profusion Blusher Palette, for this.
    • Apply some Miss Claire Matte Stay Liquid eyeliner to make your eyes pop. Complete your look with red lipstick from Miss Claire Lip Palette.
    • To finish up, generously spray Miss Claire Setting Spray all over. This makes sure your glamorous look stays intact all day.

    3. Engagement Look

    Engagement makeup should not be too light, but it also shouldn't be too heavy either.

    For Hair: For this occasion, Parineeta hair accessories alone can glorify your look. Simple yet elegant hairstyles when made with such accessories create a magnificent look.

    For Makeup:
    • Start with a light-weight foundation.
    • Fill in your brows with a brown eyebrow pencil to give that natural look.
    • Apply a rosy pink eyeshadow from Profusion Eyeshadow Kit.
    • Finish off your subtle yet elegant look with a blush pink lipstick.

    4. Cocktail Look

    Go with a subtle look, not a heavy one. You can try smokey eyes, as they are timeless and adds a glamorous look.

    For Hair: Go for an elegant updo for your cocktail party. To pull this off, either straighten your hair with a Wahl Smart Iron and place all the hair at the back to show your complete neck front or make a stylish messy bun and complement your look with Parineeta Hair accessories. Both looks work great for the cocktail theme.

    For Makeup:
    • Apply a foundation of the Kryolan Supra foundation. This blends completely and gives a perfect radiant look.
    • For contouring and highlighting, Use Profusion Highlighter & Contour Kit.
    • Add some glow to your cheeks using the Profusion Blush Palette. A palette that comes with a wide range of color shades to choose from.
    • Pick a nude shade of eyeshadow from Miss Claire Eyeshadow Palette.
    • For intense black color, use Miss Claire One Stroke Water Proof Kajal.

    5. Reception LooK

    Go for a bold look for your reception. A smokey eye and bold red lips will be perfect.

    For Makeup:

    • Apply some foundation from Makeup Studio Foundation Palette.
    • Contour and highlight your face with the Profusion Highlighter & Contour Kit
    • To add the smokey effect, use Miss Claire One Stroke Water Proof Kajal.
    • Complete the look with bright red lipstick.

    Now, you’re all set for your big day. Apply these bridal makeup tips and be sure to be nothing less than perfect for your wedding.

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