Physical Exfoliation Vs Chemical Exfoliation: Which One Is Right For You?

August 17 2021

Chemical Exfoliation or Physical Exfoliation? If you’re also torn between the two, then this guide will definitely come in handy.

As we age, the natural process of cell regeneration slows down. Eventually, dead skin cells increase and cause excess oil production and clogged pores. This further leads to skin problems like acne and blemishes. That’s when these two types of processes, physical and chemical exfoliation, come to the rescue.

Exfoliation is a laborious process, but it’s worth it at the end of the day. There are so many exfoliation products in the market, each promising to get rid of dead skin, leaving your face looking brighter, smoother, and youthful. Getting the right one for your skin can be challenging. However, you can get the best results from choosing the right exfoliation products and methods. But should you go for the physical or chemical exfoliation process? Which one is right for you? Here is a little bit of information to get you on the right path.

What Is Physical Exfoliation?

Physical exfoliation is the process of manually scrubbing your face or body using a scrub that contains rough granules that penetrate the skin. They rub on the layer of dead skin, getting rid of the dead cells, leaving the skin smoother and youthful.

What is Chemical Exfoliation?

When people hear the word chemical, they often avoid this process. But in reality, this method is safe and more gentle than physical exfoliation. Chemical exfoliation removes dead cells using chemicals such as enzymes. Some of the best enzymes used include Alpha Hydroxy Acids(AHA) and Beta Hydroxy Acids(BHA).

Chemical Exfoliation

However, you should choose the right chemical exfoliation for your skin. For instance, chemical exfoliation for dry skin uses AHAs because they penetrate the skin and get rid of the patchy flakes. They are derived from fruits and plant extracts. But as they are water-soluble, they can't penetrate the deep pores of the skin. Some examples of AHAs include lactic mandelic, citric, and glycolic acid.

BHAs penetrate oily skin breaking down sebum and oil within a pore. This helps to prevent the breakout of pimples and blackheads. An example of BHAs is salicylic acid.

Why Does Your Skin Need Both Physical & Chemical Exfoliation?

Now that you understand the difference between the two, it is important to know that you will benefit immensely from both physical and chemical exfoliation. They eliminate dead skin giving you that glowy look. In addition, they help make up serums and moisturizers to penetrate and remove excess makeup, leaving your face and body feeling fresher and smoother. Nevertheless, remember to choose exfoliators that complement your skin type.

What Are The Best Physical Exfoliation Products To Use?

There are a lot of exfoliator brands that have large granules such as walnuts which can harm your skin. Hence, opt for products that have no additives such as Lotus Professional Fruit Seeds Exfoliating Gel, Organic Harvest, and FYC Professional which are rich in natural fruit seeds. You can also go for O3+’s papaya or apricot scrubs. They get rid of dead cells leaving your face looking fresher and natural.

Physical Exfoliators

What Are The Best Chemical Exfoliation Products To Use?

You get chemical exfoliation for dry skin, oily skin, and sensitive skin. To prevent your pores from clogging, use Janssen facial or Berry’s body polishing kit which is safe for your skin. You can also choose Instant Peel Exfoliant and Casmama gel exfoliator 3-in-1 action chemical exfoliant. You can do a chemical exfoliation for the face and body.

Chemical Exfoliators

Exfoliation should be done in moderation to protect the skin from dryness, infection, and UV damage. Also, for the best results, choose the right exfoliation for your skin type. For instance, opt for a chemical exfoliation for sensitive skin and check the usage. This will help maintain the skin's pH balance.

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