What’s Your Skin Type! How To Determine It?

July 06 2021

We try a lot of different ingredients to keep our skin shining and young. From sunscreens to moisturizers, we do our best to protect it from outside pollution and harmful sunlight.

However, skin does not have a single common type. It can be differentiated into many types. Each type has its unique aspects and special ways of expression. People may sometimes get confused in identifying the right type and may use the opposite skincare products for their skin. That is why determining your correct skin type is vital.

What is Necessary To Know About Your Skin Type?

Your skin type may fall under a single category or be a combination of two types. Different skin types react differently to natural as well as artificial products. Therefore, the most important thing to be considered about different skin types is the type of beauty products that suits them while they react to the others. If this particular thing is recognized by people, then half of their skin problems are solved beforehand. And you learn to choose only the skincare products that are formulated for your skin.

How To Determine Your Skin Type?

Following are different skin types and how they can be determined by people so that they can use proper skincare products and also benefit from them:

How to know if you have oily skin?

If you have an oily skin type among the different skin types present in the world, then the biggest frustrations you may face are acne, blackheads, and whiteheads. Moreover, excess production of oil brings down the complexion of your skin making it look dull - without life. You will also notice large pores on your skin that result from the increased secretion. You feel the stickiness of the oil on your skin. And with such problems, it is easy to understand that you have oily skin.

Lotus Gel Creme for Oily Skin

If you are of oily skin type then a skin product that can cleanse your skin from within and keep it away from any dirt or impurities, while controlling excess oil production would be a good option. And Lotus Professional Skin Brightening Cream is that product.

How to know if you have sensitive skin?

Sensitive skin is one of those different skin types that are allergic to almost all artificial products from soaps to perfumes and skincare products. Encounters of any of these may cause reactions such as itchiness, dryness, or redness. You may also develop dry, bumpy, or flaky rashes that are unpleasant. And breakouts like acne and pustules are frequent. And you may also have experienced that acne creams that you've used worsened the symptoms. Last but not the least, harmful effects of the sun mostly impact sensitive skin.

Lotus Sunblock

For sensitivity, it is vital that you choose a non-greasy sunscreen that protects your skin from harmful radiation. And it is crucial that you choose only products that are specifically designed for sensitive skin like the Lotus Professional SunBlock Cream.

How to know if you have normal skin?

Guessing that your skin type is normal is very easy. If you have total control over the way your skin behaves and does not get too off the edge in any type of situation or weather, then you undoubtedly have a normal skin type. You will have few to zero imperfections, barely visible pores, and a glowing complexion.

Different Skin Types

How to know if you have combination skin?

If you have a combination skin type, it might be more difficult for you to identify your skin type compared to others. One of the best ways to find out is by washing your face. If it feels like you have different skin types, i.e., oily in the T zone (forehead, nose, and chin), but normal or dry on your cheeks and jawline, then you most likely have combination skin. Plus, you will experience occasional or mild acne breakouts in the T zone mainly during hormonal changes. And the same area will have large pores due to overactive oil glands. At the same time, your cheeks will feel dry. With combined skin, your makeup will look patchy. It will stick to your cheeks while slipping off from the T Zone.

Lotus Professional Phyto RX Creme

For combined skin, products made for all skin types would be a smart pick. And for the same Lotus Professional Phyto RX Creme is a good fit.

How to know if you have dry skin?

Dry skin is characterized by rough texture, cracks, fine lines, and itchiness that result from dehydration. Dryness is often painful and also gives a burning sensation and flaky skin. So, when you have these symptoms, you know that your skin is dry.

Keeping your skin moisturized is a very important thing for people with dry skin types. In fact, you need a skin cream that maintains the pH balance and retains moisture for a very long time. Lotus Hydrating Body Lotion is one of the best skincare formulations for the same.

Knowing your skin type among all the above will help you in using only the best skincare products for your skin and not compromising on it in the first place at all.

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