This Diwali Flaunt Your Look With Makeup That Suits Your Skin Tone!

November 03 2020

Diwali is around the corner. So are you ready, and excited to look fabulous for the upcoming festivals?

However, do you recall how you used your friend's concealer for the last festival? And how her Diwali makeup stuck all night while yours became patchy quickly.

That happened because you have a skin tone different from your friend's. When choosing makeup, it is best to select one that blends well with your skin. A wrong foundation or blush could give you an unnatural or baked look.

To avoid this, you should choose the makeup products perfect for your skin. And here is your guide to picking the right Diwali makeup for your skin tone.

1. Best Foundation Choices

Start your Diwali makeup look by using Makeup Studio Primer to hide pores on your face.

Foundations For Different Skin Tones

If you have a fair skin tone, you should go for a foundation that is lighter or the same as your skin tone. Any light shade will blend well with your skin tone. If your skin isn't too light, but also not dark, then you have a wheatish skin tone. For your foundation shade, make sure you make use of your exact skin shade. But you may also blend a dark shade with a lighter shade if you do not find a perfect match. Apply your foundation lightly, do not overwhelm your face with it.

With the Kryolan Supra Foundation Palette, you will get your exact tone, and a little application will do the magic. If your skin is just a little darker than wheatish skin, you have a dusky skin tone. Choose a foundation color one shade up as your skin tone for the Diwali Makeup and this will make you look more beautiful.

Note that, if you have oily skin, it is best to go for a water-based foundation. And if you have dry skin, go for a cream-based foundation. Next, apply your shade of concealer to darker parts of your face, like dark circles, and your upper lip.

2. Add Some Blush

You can apply some blush from the Miss Claire kit that will add a natural glow to your Diwali Makeup look. For a fair skin tone, you can go for a pink blush, either baby pink or peachy pink.

Choosing The Right Blush

For a wheatish skin tone, make your face brighter by adding some blush. You can go for a peachy pink color but nothing darker. If you have a dusky skin tone, you can use warm colored blush like rose, mauve, or deep orange. And for a deep skin tone, you can use dark rose, plum, or wine.

Please avoid using bronzer for blush as it can make your skin darker.

3. Move On To Attractive Eye Makeup

Now, when you are done with your face, it’s the right time for eye makeup! Get ready with your eye makeup kit including eyebrow pencil, eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara. Before moving on to apply eyeshadow, apply an eye primer followed by an eye shadow base. The base should be the same color as your eye shadow.

Light-colored eyeliners like green and blue endow the best look to fair skin. Eye shadow colors in light brown, soft peaches, etc. are just made for you. Or, you could also try neutral palettes. If you have a wheatish skin tone, you can look good in both light and dark shades. That said, smoky eyes look best on this skin tone. If you have a deeper skin tone, you can always play with shimmery colors. But do stay away from light colors as it won’t enhance your natural look and either will make it off.

Check out the makeup kit from Profusion for a vibrant and highly pigmented eyeshadow kit that is also cruelty-free and made to suit every skin tone.

4. Stunning Lips

Next comes the step to get your lips beautifully enhanced. Fair-skinned? Go for bold lipsticks like red or maroon. And if you choose to look simple, you can opt for nudes. These colors will fit you perfectly.

Lipstick For Every Skin Tone

For the wheatish skin tone, you can choose from burgundy, deep red, maroon, or crimson. Any of these colors will bring out your lips so well and will complement your total Diwali makeup look. And, if you have a darker skin tone, dusky or deep, then go for colors like burgundy or magenta. You may choose to go for matte or glossy lips to glorify your look.

Finally, if you want your lip color to look better, apply a little foundation on your lips, before the lipstick. It always works for all skin tones.

Now you can go ahead, looking gorgeous this festival with the perfect Diwali makeup on, as per your skin tone.

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