How To Get Festival Ready? Let’s Ask Beauty Academy Experts!

September 15 2020
How To Get Festival Ready? Let’s Ask Beauty Academy Experts!

The festive season is all set to kick off. Ladies all over have started to figure out how to be a real knock-out with the new normal. When you are looking for a way to look incomparably radiant, it pays to ask for an expert. And here come the beauty academy experts in the limelight. Festive seasons are always dear to them. This time all the professionals get to unveil their inner expertise.

No doubt, it is never easy to carve the best out of you without the guidance of a beauty expert. And that is what insisted us to prepare this beauty guide with experts recommendations. Here we have discussed the trends that are going to be everywhere this impending festival season!

Biggest Makeup Trend To Spot This Festive Season!

Let your eyes speak it all. Add a pop effect to your usual makeup. Try exciting quirks with your eyes while keeping the face make up minimal. Hit the trend with gel eyeliners, kohl pencils, and eyeshadows that glorify your entire look. Sheen-textured and jewel-toned shadows are prominent these days. Try from beautiful blue, gorgeous green, or a radiant rusty shadow, whichever blends well.

Get Festive Ready With Beauty Academy Experts


For your skin, welcome the festival with the on-going trend of no-makeup makeup look. Feel the chill in the air with rosy glow or go for neutral lip gloss with a touch of mascara. For a more dramatic accent, beauty academy experts suggest trying a mauve accent.

Vaibhav Stores offers 100%  natural skin treatment solutions to cleanse and moisturize your body. Try them and get rid of old skin cells and welcome a refreshing and glowing skin experience. That’s when you’ll be more than confident and comfortable to wear festive makeup.


Now let us move on to the most noticeable facet of your overall makeup - that is your hair. Mentioned below are some of the handpicked hairstyles by beauty academy experts.

1. Braids

This leading festival style never goes out of trend no matter what weather it is. Two French pigtails or floaty waves, whichever you want for a low-maintenance frizz-free look.

2. Mermaid

Long loose mermaid waves are skillful enough to provide you with the glamorous classic festive look. Nothing matches better with the glittery makeup and pearlescent nails as this style does.

3. Messy Top Knot

Messy styles are always attractive and effortless. And that is what makes them ideal for festivals for every hair type.

4. Textured

Reveal your unique look this season with hot textured hair. Just get a conditioning treatment and show off what you actually are. Look your best with no efforts!

And finally, whatever hairstyle you pick, don't forget to make it bold. After all, boldness makes you confident and that is the prettiest thing you can ever wear!

Vaibhav Stores has all that can transform your hair look to something you love! We offer comprehensive hairdressing kits  and hairstyling kits with efficient and powerful tools. Use them to wear any hairstyle this festive season - with no flaws or faults.

Hacks For Sweat-Proof, Long-Lasting Makeup In A Festive Season

Firstly, say no to cream or oil-based formulation if you want your makeup to be sweat-proof. Instead, use products that actually guard it. Mentioned below are some of the hacks that beauty academy experts suggest securing your makeup.

  • Use powdered products. They make you sweat less!
  • Keep your makeup fresh with cold rose-water sprinkled all over your face.
  • Rub ice-cubes gently over your face for makeup that will last for 24 hours!

Top Festival Tips By Beauty Academy Experts

Leave no room for fault in your way to look drop-dead gorgeous. If you have planned to travel out this festive occasion, follow these tips recommended by beauty academy experts.

  • Treat yourself for the makeover in advance. Have facial, wax, and brow treatment. Doing so, you can add an extra point of gleam!
  • Set your toolkit. Make a list and buy mini versions of everything you'll need. Don't forget to mention baby wipes, dry shampoo, sun cream, after-sun hand gel, and deodorant.
  • Get travel-friendly products like lip and cheek stains and gleaming sun cream. Also, choose the products weather-wise.

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