A Quick Guide To Getting Rid Of Clogged Pores

December 22 2020

We find so much peace in having our skin pores open at all times. A clogged pore only leads to conditions such as acne. Sometimes, you see it as a milder blackhead or whitehead. And really, none of these conditions spell any good promise to your physical appearance.

These pores do exist in our skin as a passage for oil and sweat to the exterior. But our skin also releases these dead cells that can block these pores. Thus, leading to a clogged pore issue. As there are dead cells present thus every minute, you would have to clean these pores.

Read on to find out the easy ways to clean, unclog your pores — and keep them unclogged.

Methods to Unclog Your Pores

1. Use Face Masks:

These are vital to any skincare routine, hoping to remove dirt, grease, and toxins from your pores. Nowadays, facemasks come with a special ingredient — activated charcoal. This does the work and ensures your pores stay open, clean, and clear from dirt and pollution. .

DIY facemasks may sound promising. Yet, they might do more damage to your skin than unclog your pore. Instead, going for professional products like Casmara or Skin Miracle Facial Kit. These come with their bits of face masks that have gone through professional examination. And are thus, safe and perfect to unclog your pores.

2. Go for an Extraction:

At times, your dermatologist may deem it fit to extract the content of your pore to unclog it. This involves applying pressure around the clogged surface and clogged pores. And after the content comes off, your dermatologist will add antiseptics, antibiotics, and the likes. Doing so prevents any spread of bacteria, oil, any other factor that can lead to more breakouts.

3. Exfoliate Your Skin:


Another method is exfoliation. And this is the process that removes your dead skin cells to prevent them from clogging your pores. It can be via chemical or physical means. For chemical exfoliants, you can get the Janssen facial or Berry’s body polishing kit. These were made to do their work while also creating a healthy environment for your healthy skin cells.

4. Apply Steam:

Here is a method that enhances the other methods. By applying steam, you can widen the pore. Thus, making it easier to apply the other methods.

With the methods so far, some benefits of unclogging your pore include:

  • Radiant skin in the absence of blackheads, whiteheads, and acne
  • No emotional distress due to physical skin scarring
  • No experiences of pain that come with a certain level of clogged skin pores
  • It saves you a lot of time, money, and energy that would otherwise go into treating complications from clogged pores.

All that said, this post would be incomplete without you knowing the things to avoid when treating clogged pores and after treating them.

When Treating Your Clogged Pores…

  • Avoid using DIY charcoal face masks that tend to dry off and irritate your skin. Some can even do more to clog your pores than unclogging them.
  • Avoid performing extraction yourself.
  • Avoid applying natural chemical exfoliants like baking soda and lemon. These often come in pH levels way above or below the skin. Thus, they can either make your skin vulnerable to other pathological conditions. Or can even irritate your skin.
  • Avoid washing the affected skin so often daily. We only make it worse by washing the affected skin often as more oil gets produced. The best is to apply your cleanser just twice daily.

How to Prevent the Clogging from Coming Back?

  • Maintain your skincare routine daily
  • Ensure your skincare products are non-comedogenic (i.e., won’t block your pores.)
  • Don’t forget to exfoliate regularly.
  • Stop touching your face. Oil from hands can lead to clogging too.

Finally, you have all the answers to what clogged pores are, how to remove and prevent them. And going forward, nothing can stop your skin now from emitting the radiance of having open pores.

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