An Effective Guide For Color Correcting Concealers

January 05 2021

Regular concealer seems to work perfectly, at least until there's a serious blemish you need to hide. At that point, your concealer may seem inadequate, if not completely useless. If you can relate to this, we bring you good news. You can finally bid a fond farewell to dark circles, redness, and other difficult skin blemishes. With color correcting concealers, you can target specific skin concerns that previously seemed impossible to hide.

Types of Color Correcting Concealers

The color correcting concealers work like magic when it comes to making some stubborn skin blemishes disappear. However, there’s a simple, non-magical principle behind it. Complementary colors (which are colors directly opposite to each other on the color wheel) neutralize each other. Hence, it is important for you to choose a color of concealer that is complementary to the color of the blemish. Here are some tips to help you out:

1. Orange/Peach

Those pesky under-eye circles can be a pain to cover up, especially when you're using a regular concealer. However, orange or peach concealers do a great job in covering up those dark circles.

Use orange if you have a medium to dark skin tone. If you are lighter in complexion, then use a peach-colored concealer. To get a good orange/peach concealer, go for the Kryolan Derma Concealer Palette.

Apart from under the eyes, Orange/peach concealers can also help to hide bluish tinted spots on other parts of the face.

2. Green

Green may seem like a strange color to use as a concealer. But rest assured that it has its place in your makeup routine. Green sits opposite red on the color wheel, so it’s perfect for canceling out reddish hues.

Redness is one of the most common skin discolorations. It’s somewhat difficult to hide because red tends to show through regular concealers. Whether you have a rash, allergic breakout, blotchiness, etc., green color correcting concealers are effective in hiding the redness.

Applying green concealer from the Profusion Concealer & Contour Kit on the problem area can do wonders. However, be careful not to overdo it.

3. Purple

Experiencing dull-looking or sallow skin? Well, color correcting concealers can help with that too. Purple concealer is a go-to for giving your skin a radiance boost.

Simply apply the purple Revolution LA Girl Concealer to areas of your skin that may need to be brightened up. Purple is the best choice for this because it is the complementary color to yellow. Hence, it cancels out dull, yellowish tones on the skin.

4. Yellow

Yellow concealers hide dark purplish spots on your skin. These blemishes could be discoloration from age spots, broken capillaries, or dark spots.

Yellow concealers can also be used to add some brightness beneath the eyes. You can get a yellow color-correcting concealer from the Makeup Studio Concealer Palette.

How to Use Color Correcting Concealers on Different Skin Tones?

Dark Skin

  • To cancel out yellow tones on dark skin, use a lavender shade of purple concealer.
  • For redness, use a light shade of green concealer.
  • For dark spots, use orange color correcting concealers.

Medium skin

  • If you have medium skin, conceal yellow tones using a violet-colored concealer.
  • To hide redness, use a medium green shade of concealer.
  • To neutralize dark spots, use a pale yellow or peach shade.

Light Skin

  • To hide dark spots or shadows, use a pale peach or pale pink concealer.
  • To conceal redness, use a pale green concealer.
  • Use a lilac shade of purple to cancel out yellow tones.

These are some of the proven ways to start using color correcting concealers. Give it a try and watch those blemishes get covered up in a way that regular concealers couldn’t do.

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