Hair Serums? A Complete Guide About Its Benefits, Tips, Do’s and Don‘ts

March 02 2021

Hair Serums are getting popular with every passing day. You might have heard your friends or hairstylists often talking about the hair serum benefits. To keep your hair healthy and attractive, you try a lot of things. This includes applying expensive shampoo, Hair masks, DIY hair care, and many more, but all goes in vain if you don’t invest in effective hair care items such as Hair serums.

After all the talks, if you are wondering what hair serums are? Then this brief introduction might help you understand better. “Hair serums are formulated with quality ingredients to improve the condition of your hair by controlling frizz, roughness, and dryness; they are easy to use and budget-friendly."

If you are still wondering about investing in hair serums then, here are some hair serum benefits that will surely convince you better.

What are the Benefits of Using Hair Serum

1. Protection From Harmful UV Rays

Our hair is constantly exposed to sunlight and UV rays that can damage your hair badly. Majority of hair products like serum act as a shield and protect your hair from damage caused by unavoidable UV Rays.

2. Conditioning

If you are tired of seeing your lifeless dull hair then you must pick the best available hair serums from Vaibhav Stores that can easily condition your hair, lock the moisture, and prevent frizz.

3. Limit Damage

One of the key hair serum benefits is, it limits the damage your hair can get from using regular styling heating tools, improper nutrition, chemical treatments, and hard shampoo.

4 Easy Steps To Apply Hair Serum

If you have got the best hair serum but do not know how to apply it then, below listed are some of the steps suggested by the best beauty products suppliers that you can follow.

Step 1: Dry Your Hair

Step 2: Put a Few Drops on your Palm

Step 3: Gently Apply

Step 4: Brush Hair To Spread Serum Evenly

Check out these steps mentioned in detail and take measures as recommended.

Step 1: Dry Your Hair

First, wash your hair and dry them using a towel. Make sure your hair is not too wet or too dry while applying the serum.

Step 2: Put Few Drop on your Palm

Once your hair is ready after towel dry, take a few drops (according to your hair length) of the serum and spread it on your palms.

Step 3: Gently Apply

Now, gently apply the serum on your hair length using your palms and fingers. Make sure you do not rub serum too hard on your hair.

Step 4: Brush Hair To Spread Serum Evenly

Once you are done applying the serum to your hair, use a flat comb to brush your hair. Brushing your hair will help the serum spread evenly on your hair length and let you get the best of hair serum benefits.

Do’s: Hair Serum

1. Pick Serum That Suits Your Hair Type

The first thing you should be aware of to get most of the hair serum benefits is to pick the right serum for your hair type. Different hairs have different requirements and this is the reason why you should pick a serum that addresses your hair issues. Serum from the brands Loreal and Matrix works best to resolve such issues.

2. Wash Your Hair Properly

If you are thinking about applying hair products like serum then it is important to wash your hair properly before using them. Hair serums are designed to be applied to clean and dirt-free hair. If you apply the serum on unwashed hair then you might make your hair greasy.

3. Apply on Hair Tips

While applying hair serum from the recommended brands- Loreal and Matrix you might miss the tips unaware of the fact that this part of your hair requires more care than the length. As they are greatly exposed and are usually dull. Always apply the serum on the tips first and then move to the middle.

Don'ts: Hair Serum

1. Applying Serum Straight After Washing

While using the serum, you must always avoid applying them on dripping wet hair as it will dilute the serum and reduce its effectiveness. Make sure you towel dry your hair to maximize the hair serum benefits.

2. Too Much Serum

Hair serum benefits you only if it is used in a moderate amount. Too much serum will do more bad than good for your hair by making them greasy, sticky, and attracting dust that will eventually make styling tough for you.

3. Applying Serum on Roots

While using hair serums, you should never apply them to the roots. If you apply the serum on roots then it will increase the oil buildup that can lead to an itchy and dirty scalp.

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