Makeup Ideas for Valentine’s Day 2021

February 02 2021

Getting ready is the most fun part of Valentine's Day, only second to actually celebrating the day. So, why not try out some amazing makeup ideas? Ones that are actually useful and will definitely help you get a flawless look, that will make your Valentine go crazy for you. Whether you like to go all out, are a minimalist, or like to look natural, we've got something for everyone. You don't need to be a makeup artist to get that bold look you’ve always wanted. Read on and get a plan for your Valentine’s Day makeover.

Top 5 Makeup Ideas To Flaunt…

Cat Eye look with minimal or bold lips

Shift your Valentine's attention to your eyes. Get that cat-eye makeup using carbon-black eyeliner. Make sure you make a sharp tip. You can add some dark eye-shadow to make our eyes even bolder. This is one of the most commonly used makeup ideas. You can use nude lipstick to give your lips a minimalist or natural look. Also, you can just use a clear lip gloss.

cat-eye makeup

On the other hand, you can go for bold lips. A dark-red or crimson red lipstick is perfect for your Valentine’s Day makeup. All you need is a fine-tipped eyeliner, Profusion eyeshadow, and a lipstick or gloss to match the look you desire.

Bold lips with minimal eye makeup

Bold lips coupled with minimal eye-makeup turns all the attention. And being Valentine's Day, it's a brilliant way to make your statement with minimal eye makeup ideas. Bold means any dark-colored lipstick. It doesn't have to be pink or red, you can go for a dark purple lipstick to get a look that is both outstanding and bold. Tone down on the eyes with neatly brushed eyebrows and no eye shadow and a black liner. Miss Claire's lip palette is all you need for such makeup ideas.

Bold lips with minimal eye makeup

All pink makeup look

Pink is a brilliant color that would compliment your looks on Valentine's Day. By all-pink makeup, it means you get pink lipstick and eyeliner. You could as well have a complementary Glam pink nail polish. You can choose different shades of pink to make sure you are not overdoing your make-up. A bold pink lip makeup should get matched with a baby pink manicure and a light or neon pink eyeliner. You can also go for a bright pink blush to make your cheeks more defined and glowy.

pink makeup look

Glowy look (with a highlighter) and natural look

Having a glowy look is the main aim, especially now that you’ll be going out with your Valentine. Revolution makeup kit is all you need to get your perfect natural look. Use their highlighter to make your cheeks more defined and give them that irresistible glow. This look requires you to do minimal or less eye and lip makeup. A shiny gloss, neatly brushed eyebrows, and a few light mascara strokes.

neatly brushed eyebrows

Minimalistic makeup look

The ultimate goal is to have a no-makeup makeup look. This is one of the most underrated makeup ideas with which you make your face look more natural for your Valentine. To achieve this look you need some prior skincare to give your skin a supple moisturized look. Casmara mask products will work wonders for your face. Now you can get your Miss Claire makeup kit and use your primer to make your skin glow and smooth. You need a Revolution foundation and concealer to cover any blemishes. Define cheekbones with Profusion highlighter and contour. Brush your eyebrows to give them a perfect and neat natural look. You can apply a light mascara or skip it as well. You can never go wrong with a minimalistic look. With this you can have a perfect skin to impress.

Minimalistic makeup look

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