5 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid To Get A Perfect Manicure

April 06 2021

Pampering is a pleasure that every woman should give themselves. However, this pampering may cost a lot if you go to a parlor or salon. So, why not try pampering yourself at home? There exist a lot of different ways of a manicure at home. But these ways can only become successful if women take care of all the things related to it properly.

Some problems such as nail thickening, drastic changes in the nail structures, nail glitches, etc., can occur while doing a manicure at home. The occurrence of all these is because of some common but serious mistakes that people make in their manicures. Let’s find them out so that you can avoid them in the future.

Avoid The 5 Common Mistakes For A Perfect Manicure At Home

Mistake #1 - Don’t soak your hands before filing

Filing your nails removes all the dead skin on them and makes them rejuvenated completely. For filing, the nails should be pat dry and not at all wet. That is why soaking your nails is not recommended before filing them. Therefore, people should not soak their nails in water just before doing their manicure so that they don’t cause splitting of their nails in the first place at all.

Nail Soaking

Mistake #2 - Not to file your nails in one direction

Filing of the nails should be done from all sides equally. Filing your nails in only one direction can spoil their shape and sharpness. That is why, while doing a manicure at home, you should keep this in mind. This will help you maintain a good nail shape for yourself and also make them look prettier.

Nail Filing

Mistake #3 - Don’t leave your cuticles exposed

After you have filed your nails, you should also soften the cuticles and not let them remain loose on your fingers. The cuticles that are left loose can cause infection in the nails and this can be harmful to the health of people in the first place. That is why people should not let their cuticles remain exposed after completing their manicure at home. You can try out Skyinsta Cuticle Cream.

Perfect Manicure

Mistake #4 - Don’t rub or abruptly remove the nail polish spread on the fingers

Rubbing a cloth abruptly on the nail polish that has spread on the fingers can cause damage to the skin and give it a burning effect as well. That is why cotton balls or cotton pads should be used to remove the nail polish spread on the fingers instead of a cloth.

Nail Polish Remover

Mistake #5 - Don’t be in a hurry to touch your nails after a manicure

If you are doing a manicure at home, then you should not hurry in touching your manicure soon. This will dismiss all your manicures and will make them look abrupt and weird. The only way to stop this from happening is to keep some patience and avoid touching them. You should at least rest your hands for about 10-15 minutes and don’t let them get touched by anything at all. But, in case you’re in a hurry, you can go for a quick-dry formula from the best nail paint brands like Ola Candy & Glam (India).

Manicure At Home

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