Top 3 Men’s Grooming Essentials: Tips & Products

October 08 2020

Men’s grooming wasn’t really a phrase for the common men until the arrival of the new century. Hair cut and shaving were mostly the priorities. But fast forward to the present day, it’s become as vast as women’s grooming.

Developing a simple routine with genuine and effective men’s grooming products is all you need. But it’s important to note that there is a clear difference between men and women’s personal care products. The skin types and hair types of men are different. And hence, the men’s grooming products are specific to their niche.

You don’t need to spend a fortune on buying different products to just find yourself overwhelmed. Go ahead and check out a simple, quick, and efficient list of tips and products from Vaibhav Stores. They got you covered for everything to look your best!

Face Care Routine

Most of the men don’t really spend too much on specific face care products for healthier and more glowing looking skin. But you will be pleasantly surprised when you start using one. A men’s face wash from beardo is made according to the men skin type and has an ideal pH balance that prevents your skin from dirt, pollution, skin tightness, and much more.


Then there is the moisturizer that comes next in the line of your daily grooming routine. A comprehensively formulated moisturizer can protect you from the sun, pollution, etc. It keeps your skin hydrated preventing your face from reflecting dull and lifeless skin.

It’s good to have an exfoliator in your grooming kit. Each day, the human body sheds 50 million flakes of skin. This natural mechanism is vital to keep our skin fresh. But as you age, the process slows down. That’s where you need to help your skin. Exfoliators help in removing the top layer of the skin which clears pores and prevents blemishes and makes your skin smoother.

Face masks are one of the popular men’s grooming products that are often known as ‘guilty pleasures.” The work a face mask does is a double booster to immediately get rid of extra dryness.

Hair Care Routine

Your hair care routine should be more than just getting a haircut from a hair salon. Of course, a good haircut is a cherry on top. However, from within, the care starts with washing, moisturizing, and oiling.


Beginning with washing, it is not necessary to make it a part of your daily routine - especially when it comes to shampoos that wash out the natural oils. However, using natural Moroccon Oil Treatment for daily wash will make you happier than ever. The brand offers products free of chemicals and full of nature’s ingredients.

To enhance the look of your hairstyle a gel or a hair creme is essential for your men’s grooming kit. For a firm, still and wet-look style gel is great to go. But hair creme is essential for styling mid to long length styles. It removes frizz and adds clarity to curls and waves.

If you haven’t started a full-fledged hair grooming routine yet, get started with the  beardo haircare range. This exclusive brand’s products repair hair damages, make hair frizz-free, and styleable.

Beard Care Routine

Beard care is essential if you want it to look your best. You need a constant maintenance regime for your beard hair which includes regular cleaning, trimming, and keeping the neck hair from growing.


Cleansing helps in blocking the build-up of oil and dirt which can cause beardruff and acne. Keep such problems at bay by using nourishing beard oils that condition the hair from the scalp to the tip of each hair strand.

A simple yet great tip haircare experts will give you is combing them often. This stimulates blood flow to the hair follicles which fosters healthy growth. It also spreads any oil to the dryer ends of the beard.

And when you are preparing for a shave, consider using a shave oil that helps your razor glide Sleekly, without causing any harm. It is also required to soak your blades in warm water to help the pores getting widen, reducing irritation and redness. Once a week, get a professional shave even when you are a no-beard person.

The Beardo brand is only a men's grooming product manufacturing company. It offers a wide range of essentials like beard oil, beard cream, beard wax, beard wash, and the list goes on. Its products not just help in keeping your beard style defined but also improves the texture of the skin.

Vaibhav Stores: The One Of Its Kind Men’s Grooming Junction

Vaibhav Stores is the place where you get top to bottom essentials for men’s grooming. We know it well that a single haircare, skincare, or beard care product can make or break your looks. Worse, it can significantly affect your health from within.

Hence, we have painstakingly curated the best brands around the world to ensure you get the best look and feel good every day.

Personal grooming keeps us neat, clean, and high in confidence. It’s actually an art that reflects your personality. So we always recommend you do your research thoroughly before moving ahead with any specific product from anywhere. But when you come to us, we will completely take care of your choice!