5 Monsoon Hair Care Secrets To Keep Your Hair Healthy & Shiny!

July 20 2021

The Monsoons bring with them joy as we get to enjoy some hot tea and lush greenery. But, with it comes sets of challenges including hair issues. And this is how monsoon hair care becomes vital to ensure that the hair doesn't get frizzy and start falling off.

During this period, excessive humidity makes the hair cuticles extremely sensitive due to hydrogen making them swell. Later on, your hair gets frizzy, lustreless, heavy, and weak. This can even make them fall off. Therefore, it is extremely important to take care of your hair during this time. Luckily, we have lined up some monsoon hair care tips to help you out in this season:

Tips To Master Monsoon Hair Care

1. Hair Oiling

Oiling your hair is a must no matter the season. There are immense benefits of hair oiling. These range from strengthening, stimulating growth, to repairing damage, among others. One of the best monsoon hair care tips is to oil your hair two times a week to reduce frizz.

There are a lot of beauty products that can help with this problem. You can even use a hair product such as the L'Oréal Paris Extraordinary Oil Serum. It encompasses Argan oil and flower extracts which help combat frizz whilst leaving it shiny and soft.

L'Oreal Paris Extraordinary Oil Serum

Nevertheless, you should never apply the oil directly to the scalp since it will interfere with the pH balance of your hair.

2. Wash Away Rainwater

A walk in the rain is not bad, especially after a hot summer. But it is important to wash away the rainwater because the acidity interferes with the pH balance of your scalp. This results in the cuticles releasing sebum which makes the hair greasy and later invites pathogens. Washing your hair with proper shampoo will get rid of the acidity.

Monsoon Hair Care With Shampoo

One of the best beauty products that you can use is Repair Remedy Shampoo and the Perfect Balance Shampoo from Bblunt.

Monsoon hair care is vital to create the proper pH for your scalp.

3. Dry Your Hair

Monsoon hair care can be a bit difficult because wet hair becomes the norm. But it is critical to dry your hair after getting drenched. Did you know that your hair is weakest when it is wet? Therefore, protect your hair using scarves or umbrellas when you are heading out. In the case of wet hair, you can use a microfiber towel to reduce friction. Also, you can use a hairdryer which will reduce stress on your hair during this season.

Best Hair Dryers

Some of the best hair dryers you can use are Ikonic Luxure Black Hair Dryer and Ikonic Storm Hair Dryer. You can even go for Ikonic Mini Dryer which is easy to carry.

4. Conditioner

Conditioning is not just a monsoon hair care tip but a beauty ritual you should follow every week. Applying a masque will help to reduce the frizziness and keep your hair smooth.

Monsoon Hair Care With Conditioners

Bblunt and Matrix have a wide range of hair care products you can use such as Born Again Hair Conditioner, or Biolage. Also, you can use the Frizzy Defy Conditioner from L'Oréal.

5. Choose The Right Comb

As mentioned earlier, your hair is weakest when it is wet. Thus, you should never comb it in this state. Instead, comb it when it is dry before you shampoo or condition it. This will help minimize hair damage. Also, use a wide-toothed comb because it is more gentle on your hair.

Roots Comb

Ikonic Hot Brush is great beauty equipment to use afterward.

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