Popular Instagram Makeup Trends You Must Try

October 23 2021

Beauty content creators are sprucing things up regularly. You get a hold of one trend and there’s another. So, here we have a few that you will surely love and which have the seal of approval of the top Instagram makeup and beauty influencers.

The beauty industry has grown considerably over the years. It has become more about a feeling you get when you use beauty items. It's the way it makes you feel more confident and comfortable in your own skin. Major brands have adapted to the fact that they need to go beyond the conventional beauty standards and let people express themselves with their beauty products.

With the rise of new makeup products in the market, we see many social media influencers and paving the way for new beauty trends. And to help you catch up with those trends we have rounded up some of the best Instagram makeup looks which you will undoubtedly love:

1. Balmy Lips

Balmy lips have been in trend for a while now. But why? There are many people for whom carrying a lip balm has become next to their essential thing. The glossy sheen is anything but out of trend.

What more? Lip Balm also keeps your lips moisturized and soft, especially during the winters. So, if you’re thinking of a minimalistic look, then a lip balm is all you need to complete the look.

Jovees Hydra Lip Care - Honey has SPF 10 and is a perfect fit for achieving an effortless look.

2. Glazed Lids

If minimal and natural-looking makeup is your vibe, then the glazed lids trend is one for you to try. Glazed lids are making their own unique place in the makeup world today. Shiny, sexy, and unexpectedly wearable, the trend has found its fans in even celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Sonam Kapoor.

They're simple to create, versatile, and you can crank them up or down by just layering the eyeshadow colour of your choosing. One can go ahead with applying a nude eyeshadow and then to make it look glossy and wet, you can go ahead with applying a lip gloss to your eye, with the help of an eyeshadow brush.

If you also wish to create a statement, then you should definitely try Profusion Eyeshadow Palette. You can find almost all the colours in it to go with your outfit.

3. Glitter All Over

You may have been a fan of glitter from the show Euphoria. But, do you know how trending that makeup look has become?

This Instagram makeup trend has surely made it possible for one to express themselves even more while looking stunning.

You can take the help of the best makeup and beauty products suppliers in Bangalore to find the top products for you. For example, the Makeup Studio Cosmetic Glimmer Effects Silver Glitter or Makeup Studio Cosmetic Glimmer Effects Golden Glitter are the perfect match to try out this look.

4. Go Loud With Color

If you’re not one to follow the minimalistic makeup trend, then the Instagram Makeup trend of going loud with colour is just for you. Lipsticks and eyeliners assist you to show off your uniqueness and make you stand out, with their infinite range of colors.

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You can take a look at Colorbar’s range of eyeliners and lipsticks which come in stunning bold colors.

5. Fake A Glow

Did you know, the power of makeup extends to faking a glow? Well, if you’re into letting your skin shine and look radiant and healthy, then this Instagram makeup look trend is for you. A touch of good shine on the cheekbones and temples for a look that doesn’t go unnoticed is all one needs.

Just a smidgeon of highlighter can work wonders on your complexion. What more? You can buy this beauty product at an affordable rate

It has uses on different parts of the body. You can ideally use it for cheekbones, nose, temples, and even shoulders. Looking for a good highlighter? Try Crown’s Color Highlighter Illuminator Collection in which you’ll find a number of amazing shades to go with your skin complexion.


Love these ideas? Try them for yourself! Get going with your favourite Instagram Makeup looks with the above tips today.

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