Prevent Your Hair Color From Fading With Simple Tips

April 13 2021

In this world of upgraded fashion, you can add a little bit of drama to your personality by opting for hair color. This new change will also give nice texture and volume to your hair.

We know that hair color treatment is one of the most popular treatments today. But that hair color fading is one of the concerns that come along with the treatment. Normally, your hair color starts fading 5 to 6 months after the treatment. Many people are facing this problem. Nevertheless, you can find some great hair tips to help slow the process.

But before we move on to discover the prevention of hair color fading, it is necessary to find out the reasons behind the fading.

4 Common Reasons For Hair Color Fading

1. Shampooing your hair too often

If you shampoo your hair too often in the week then you will face the hair color fading problem. After approximately 30 washes from the hair treatment time, the process of color fading begins. This indicates that if you shampoo your hair too often then the fading process starts early.

Vaibhav Stores offers professional haircare products in India from brands like Nashi Argan oil, mask, shampoo, and conditioner that are exclusively organic and soft on your hair. These products do not contain any chemicals, which is great for color-treated hair. And this means you can shampoo your hair every day without the worry of early fading.

2. Not choosing the right shampoo

Many of us do not read the ingredients on a shampoo bottle while shopping. However, this is one of the essential things that determine the health, look, and feel of your hair. You have to choose the best shampoo without any sulfate and it has to be a gentle shampoo. If the shampoo has natural ingredients then it will save your hair color treatment.

One of the best options that we, as the leading beauty parlour products suppliers, have for you is Keratherapy Shampoo. The shampoo and other products including conditioner and cream consist of certified ingredients that help in repairing your hair texture and overall health.

3. Using hot styling tools

Nowadays, everyone uses hot styling tools to style their hair in less time. These styling tools save time in the morning but using them regularly will damage your hair. When you use the tools on your hair it will make your hair dry and moistureless. Sometimes, it will also damage your hair if it is recently colored.

You can use the hair protectant sprays on your hair to make your hair smooth and healthy. It will also help your hair color stay a little longer.

If you are looking to quit the use of hot styling tools, here’s a range of hairstyling kits to satisfy your requirements. You can rest assured that the hair color fading process will slow down with it.

4 Tips To Prevent Hair Color Fading

1. Use appropriate hair care products

Want to protect your hair from the hair color fading problem? Then choose the product that's ideal for your hair type. You have to use a great shampoo and conditioner that does not contain any sulfate as a cleaning ingredient. Sulfate will damage your hair and your hair color fades quickly. This is one of the great factors in the hair care routine.

Hence, go for Kerafusion Keratin Hair Treatment that restores your hair quality and texture and is certified and safe for use.

2. Shower with cool water

Many people prefer to use a hot water shower to relax. But showering with hot water gives you many problems. Your hair will look dull and unhealthy with the hot shower.

How about taking your shower routine to a new healthy level? Shower with cold or lukewarm water. And pair it with the clinically-tested brands for hair care treatment shampoo, conditioner, and much more to rejuvenate the look and feel.

3. Use hair mask

When you choose the appropriate shampoo and conditioner for your hair then you also have to make a place for a hair mask in your hair care routine. Using the hair mask will clear your problem with the hair color fading problem. A hair mask will also add moisture and give strength to your hair.

Nothing can be better than going for a natural mask. Therefore, Vaibhav Stores offers organic Nashi Argan Mask which gives a delicate treatment to your hair.

4. Avoid heat

When your hair is wet you need to go for the air dry. Because hair styling tools can make your hair dry. So, you should always go for professional hair care products. The best hair stylers from brands like HNK, Ikonic, etc. will make sure your hair is styled effortlessly and without any damage.

Vaibhav Stores - The Only Destination For Hair Care Variety And Quality

Hair color fading is one of the most common problems you might face in your hair care regime. However, the right pick of products and tools can overcome this issue beautifully.

So, Vaibhav Stores offers only the best variety of salon hair care products and beauty parlour products that make your hair look and feel gorgeous from the inside out. Go ahead and make a smart choice for your hair type. Even if you are seeking a one-stop solution for frizzy and curly hair, find your likes here, courtesy of the best salon products suppliers in Bangalore.