How to Make Your High-End Beauty Products Last Longer?

July 12 2021

The beauty industry is booming and it has no signs of stopping. It is no wonder that celebrities and influencers are jumping on this bandwagon to promote different kinds of beauty products.

There are a lot of beauty products in the market, each promising wonders but all at different prices. However, there are high-end beauty brands that have made a name for themselves. And you have to dig deep in your pockets to have them. But if you find a designer cream which works well for you, then surely you wouldn't mind paying any price for it, right?

Think about brand names such as Kryolan and Maybelline. They are status symbols. They have made a niche for themselves and consumers trust them. This is because these big names put in the effort and time to create their formula in labs. They make sure the active ingredients do work.

After paying the hefty price tag on your favorite beauty products, it can be disheartening to get rid of it when it is finished. Luckily there are ways you can extend the lifespan of your beauty products that will save you money.

Ways To Prolong The Life Of Your High-End Beauty Products

1. Mascara

Do you know that your mascara dries out as soon as you open it? This sounds disheartening considering that on average a mascara is supposed to last about six months. So, it is time that you learn a very simple trick that will help beauty products like a Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara last longer.

Best Mascara By Maybelline

All you need is to add 4-5 drops of saline solution to your mascara, shake it and it's ready to use. However, if you develop an eye infection then you should stop using it.

2. Foundation

Have you ever gotten to the last drop of your Maybelline Fit Me foundation but you get frustrated to see there's still some stuck on the sides? The pain of having to throw away that foundation tub or bottle cannot be explained. Beauty products suppliers make a kill from the foundation but you can make use of the stuck beauty product.

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation

The trick is to put a little boiling water in the foundation bottle and shake it till the sides are clear. Then you transfer the mixture to a sanitized bowl and let it settle. The water will settle on the top and the foundation at the bottom. You will discard the water and the beauty product is good to use.

3. Nail Polish

A lot of people like going to the beauty parlour to get their nails done. But, if you are a do-it-yourself kind of person, then you must have a bag stacked with nail polishes. However, this beauty product is known to dry out quickly. But before you get rid of your nail polish, especially from your Glam India nail paints, you can revitalize it.

Glam Nail Paints

You only need to add a few drops of lacquer thinner and let it work its magic. You might be surprised that this is the trick that they use in their beauty parlour products. This will reduce the trips to the nail salon.

4. Powder

Beauty products cost a lot of money and that's why it is a sad experience when you drop your favorite compact powder or any other powder palette. Luckily, you can restore your favorite powder with one simple ingredient: running alcohol.

Revival Of Beauty Products

When powder gets broken, just grind both the broken and unbroken parts until they are fine. Add a few drops of rubbing alcohol and smooth out the mixture with a spoon or your hand. Finally, let it dry for a couple of hours and it will be good as new.

5. Makeup brushes

No makeup routine is complete without brushes. They are an integral part yet often overlooked. If you want flawless skin then you should splurge on quality makeup brushes from brands like Kryolan.

Kryolan Makeup Brushes

But, there are times when the bristles start to come off and it can be infuriating. You can fix them up by tightening the base of the brush. This way the makeup brushes will last longer. And you will have to make fewer trips to the store.

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