Top 5 Traditional Makeup Look You Would Love To See On Yourself!

October 14 2020

When you see an Indian woman, you need not think twice to know she is Indian. From the saris to the traditional makeup look, an Indian woman stands out in front of all others because of their grace and elegance. And when the festivities are up, the western world makeup is no match to the traditional look. Here's a brief look at some.

1. Matte Look

With the matte look, you want to play with bold colors. It's the perfect look for a wedding.


First, use your lip liner to get the shape of your lips. Then, apply your red or pink lipstick and blot your lips on soft paper. Not to worry, Professional Lip Palette has all the bold colors you could try out.

You could match your matte look with smokey eye makeup and your earrings. You could also pair the lipstick with your sari. To complement the traditional makeup look, you should put on a red sari.

2.The Glitter Look

Glitters remain the perfect traditional makeup look for wedding guests. It also goes well for evening celebrations like Diwali and any other events.

Here's how to rock the glitter look for your next occasion. You can make use of a golden-toned eyeshadow, highlighter, or blush, but not all at once. You could get the Profusion Highlighter and Contour Kit to choose your preferred glitter.

Then, go for nude lipstick to compliment your glittering eyes. You may go ahead to pair your glitter look with a warmed-toned sari like red, pink, or green.

3. Bindi Touch

You can't miss out on Bindi when it comes to a traditional makeup look. It could be a wedding anniversary or a festival coming up. Add Bindi to your traditional attire and watch it go from simple to classy. You can choose to apply the primary red dot or adornment instead of the red dot.

4. Mehndi

From being used as a sign for a good omen, Mehndi is now a widely used makeup item. Now, a bridal look is incomplete without Mehndi. The use of mehndi, however, is not limited to a bride only. Dancers during various festivals like the Onam festival adorn themselves in different forms of Mehndi.

You could get a professional who draws Mehndi beautifully for the next festival coming up. Let her beautifully place the artwork on your palms and feet. And as a wedding guest, Mehndi will help you achieve that traditional makeup look.

5. Smokey Eyes

What if you don't want matte or mehndi? You could go for smokey eyes instead. Deepika prefers to go bold with her looks, and she achieves that with smokey eyes. You can create this look by first ensuring that you fill up your eyebrows. You could make use of an eye pencil to fill.


Move on to your eyelids and give them a dark shade. You could make use of Kohl or an eyeshadow. Black, brown, and grey are the colors you could choose from to create a smokey look. If you have long eyelashes, apply mascara to your top and bottom lashes. If not, you could get quality eyelashes from UroParis to complete your traditional makeup look.

You can then pair the smokey eyes with a bold lipstick color, or you could go for a nude lipstick to emphasize the eyes alone.

You Are Now Ready To Try Out One Of These Looks. But Do You Sweat A Lot?

Well, to prevent your makeup from smearing, ensure you begin by clearing your face of excess moisture. Make use of essential products — foundation, primer, concealer, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, and your lipstick. Kryolan's Primer and Foundation Palette would be a good choice for your makeup.

Also, finish off your makeup with a setting spray. With these, you can keep your look for as long as you want.

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