Ultimate Ways to Grow Your Salon Business With Vaibhav Stores

September 08 2020
Ultimate Ways to Grow Your Salon Business With Vaibhav Stores

This is for every hairstylist or beautician in and around Bengaluru! Vaibhav Stores is a one-stop solution for all that you need for your beauty salon business to thrive. Whether you are on the hunt for best buys or looking to upgrade your skill sets, we have it all. Read on to know 5 reasons why we are a better choice than other beauty supply stores.

5 Reasons That Make Us Beauty Salon All Rounders!

1. Fastest Deliveries To Your Doorstep

Vaibhav Xpress - Exclusive Delivery ServicesWe know a day in the life of a salon (salon business) can become really hectic and busy while every hour counts. Staying stocked up on all the supplies and tools can get your job done smoothly. But as we know things can slip away, you can rely on us for any supply you realize is urgently needed. Just get in touch via call, email, or Whatsapp to order fast deliveries right to your doorstep. Vaibhav Xpress, our speedy delivery service gets your order fulfilled from our master warehouse. There is almost nothing we face like we are out of stock for any kind of beauty supply or tool you need. You can find everything in one place without having to spend all day searching for the best things.

2. Expert Education To Reach New Heights

Vaibhav Academy - Learn Latest TechniquesThe beauty and glamour world is dynamic and ever-changing with new trends and techniques. And getting the right training is key to winning success in the beauty industry. For all the salon businesses, regardless of whether you are a cosmetologist, hairstylist, beautician, or a beauty salon owner. You need to ensure that learning is an ongoing process throughout your career. With the aim to educate beauty salon professionals to achieve killer success, we introduced Vaibhav Academy, a not-for-profit education platform. At the academy, we conduct different levels of workshops, training sessions, and seminars for the employees. We also offer in-salon brand training and demos that can upskill your employees.

3. Branded & Original Beauty Products At Best Prices

One thing that can easily make or break a beauty salon business is the kind of beauty products you use. The use of authentic, branded, and reputable beauty products clearly leave an impression on every customer that walks in. As a dedicated beauty salon supply store, we aim to provide your salon business with only branded and original supplies at the best prices. At our store, you can browse through a huge collection of beauty consumables from well-known and exclusive brands. You will get just anything that you need from the top manufacturers around.

4. Your Buyer And Seller Of Old Furniture & Equipment

Vaibhav Care - Buy & Sell Old Funiture

Do you need to buy or sell your old furniture? Our specialist repair and restoration vertical, Vaibhav Care is there to provide you the best solution. It’s not just about buying and selling. With us, you come across the exclusive salon and spa furniture that speaks of its elegant presence. With our repair and restoration service, you can get any furniture, beauty equipment, or electricals back in the game. The process is simple where you just drop a complaint. Our expert repair team gets to the job by first collecting the product, examining the problem, and providing a final estimate. Not just beauty salons or beauty professionals, but this service is for anyone who needs to get these things restored. Regardless of whether you’ve purchased the product from us or elsewhere.

5. Complete Customer Support

Like you, customer satisfaction, and trust is at the forefront of our success philosophy. For us, whatever services and supplies we offer are an assurance of taking your business a step ahead towards success. We make it our goal to help beauty salons and spas stay at the top of their game. Along with our best services and products, we provide complete customer support when you need it. We are excellent at pre-sales and after-sales support.

Choose The Right Salon Supplier

Beauty salons and spas are places where people come to relax and rejuvenate. According to experts, running a salon is a recession-proof business. It is for the one fact that people, especially women are attached to routine salon visits to gain a confidence boost. The type of furniture, consumables, equipment used in a salon, or spa has a major impact on a customer. Because these elements create an ambiance that can attract or distract.

So now you know how important it is to choose the right salon supplier for your business. We can’t emphasize enough. Having comfortable furniture, efficient equipment, and reliable consumables is vital to make your customers happy. And hence, Vaibhav Stores proves to be the one-stop destination for makeup artists and beauty professionals - for all their salon business needs. We are one of the most trusted salon suppliers in South India when it comes to authentic products, expert training, and customer support.

Do you need to outfit a new salon? Or are you looking for easy updates and replacements? Start shopping now at Vaibhav Stores. You will see what makes us the first choice among other beauty salon supply stores!