A Hair Care guide to Healthy Scalp And Beautiful Hair this Winter

December 13 2021

      The winter climates make your hair and scalp itchy, flaky, harsh, dry and break easily. That's why you'll need a different hair care routine throughout the winter. Don't be worried. We're here now to help you up for your hair care game.

      Take a peek - To keep your hair in perfect condition even when it's frigid outdoors, try these winter hair care guides:

      1. Start your hair care by making use of oil therapy.

      This winter, by moisturizing the scalp and boosting blood supply in the hair roots, massaging your hair and scalp with natural oils on a regular basis, say once or twice a week, in these frigid winter months can nourish your hair roots and strengthen your hair follicles. Coconut, jaborandi, argan, brahmi, almond, sesame, or olive oils are all good options.

      Vaibhav Stores suggests Moroccan Argan oil from Hairmac aids in damage repair and prevention. It moisturizes, softens, and smoothes your hair and scalp. Also, strengthens chemically treated hair.


      • Mix a few drops of Argon Oil with your regular oil it gives strength to your hair.
      • Leaving the oil on overnight and shampooing it off the next morning.

      2. When showering, lower the temperature of the water.

      Even while a hot shower might be exactly what you crave when it's below zero outside, hot water can strip moisture from your hair, making it brittle and prone to breakage.


      • Instead of damaging your hair, use lukewarm water and a cold rinse.

      3. Once a week, deep condition your hair.

      When it comes to winter hair care, it's all about hydration. Use a leave-in conditioner once per week to fill up moisture and defend hair from warm styling tools, indoor heating, and the bloodless iciness winds Static hair is a typical occurrence when your hair is exposed to frigid conditions. Keeping hair hydrated with a leave-in conditioner will help to guard it.


      • Keratherapy provides hairs with smooth, lustrous, healthy, and frizz-free, the smoothing sector has grown significantly.
      • Can use conditioner sprays if you want to avoid using much water in winter.

      4. It’s A Great Idea To Use A Hair Serum

      Winter is when the hair becomes 'hungry' and requires a lot of attention. To keep hair from tangling, invest in a decent serum that suits your hair type and use it along its length after you wash it, in addition to oils and conditioners. A hair care product with a thick consistency, a serum is made up of hair-protecting substances like silicone, ceramists, and amino acids. The key component is silicone, which is what keeps your hair silky and frizz-free throughout the winter. Because the hair is drier in the winter, the serum will absorb quickly. Only use a drop at a time and follow the directions carefully.


      • You might not need a serum if your hair is extremely oily.
      • Use BBLUNT Hair Serum with Intense Moisture for Extremely Dry Hair (For optimal results, use it after you've washed your hair with BBLUNT Intense Moisture Shampoo)

      5. In the winter, foods to include to improve hair quality

      Iron-rich foods, such as shellfish, spinach, pumpkin seeds, quinoa, beets and broccoli, and so on, should be included in your diet. Also, remember to eat at least one balanced meal per day to receive all of the necessary nutrients. Foods like bananas, eggs, salmon, and milk can help you get more calcium.


      • Drink plenty of water, as hydration is also important for hair.
      • One ripe banana and two avocados should be blended into a paste. Apply this mask to your scalp and keep it on for 20-30 minutes before rinsing with a gentle shampoo.

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      The treatment should only be carried out under the supervision of a professional.