How To Decide The Perfect Skincare Routine For Winters

December 08 2020

With winter comes the beautiful snow sight, rosy cheeks, and nose. If this was all, winter would remain at that time of the year we always look forward to. Sadly, that's not the case. Because also with winter, comes the dry and flaking skin. Itchiness becomes more frequent. Thus, it becomes important that you revisit your skincare routine to flaunt throughout the season.

But have you always been unsure of how to go about that? No worries! We have prepared for you the best winter skin care routine for every skin type. Read on and experience a regime of nourished skin!

The Best Skin Routine for Different Skin Types

1. Have You Got Oily Skin?

Then you'll be needing a cleanser to clean off the dirt and excess grease. For this, go for the Casmara Cleanser Nettoyant. It cleanses your face pores, removes dirt, grease, and returns the glow to your face.

The next action will be to remove dead skin cells with a face scrub. The Skin Miracle Kiwi Scrub is perfect for oily skin. Finally, having oily skin doesn't stop you from adding a moisturizer. Why? You don't want excess oil on your face. So add a water-based moisturizer in your skincare routine that keeps your face moisturized without the excess oily shine.

2. Have You Got a Dry Skin Type?

Then winter can make it even drier! But no worries. You can beat this by starting your skincare routine with a cleanser. Note that for your case, you are to avoid foaming cleansers as these dry off your face. Instead, go for the ones that leave your face with moisture.

Next, is the exfoliation. For your dry skin, you can go for Berry's Chocolate scrub. After which, apply your moisturizer. You don't want to leave your dry skin without moisture in dry winter.

3. Is Your Skin a Combination of Dry and Oily?

Then the Skin Miracle Facial Kit will do you a lot of good. This comes with all you need for cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing your face. And you don't have to worry about having different skin types. The Skin Miracle kit works perfectly for all skin types.

4. Have You Got a Normal Skin Type?

Then you can rest assured you've got little trouble with winter. Still, it's important that you incorporate cleanser and moisturizer into your skincare routine. The Janssen Facial Kit is the perfect match for your skin type.

So now you know the different kinds of skincare routine that work well for every skin type. It's high time you also learned a couple of tips that can revitalize your skin — even in winter.

Skincare Tips for Winter

1. Avoid Hot Showers

In winter, we all want to jump into hot showers. But hot means dry skin, and that's a no-no! So use lukewarm water instead.

2. Keep Yourself Hydrated

As winter comes around, humidity reduces. Hence, to keep yourself from losing excess body water, you can get a home humidifier. Also, drink a lot of water.

3. Don't stop exercising.

It can be difficult to go for that jog in the cold. But the cold constricts your blood vessels. And that reduces nourishment to your skin. Hence, you need that exercise to increase blood flow to your skin.

4. Follow a skincare routine.

Start by choosing the products that fit your skin type as we have discussed earlier. Then make sure to apply these consistently — at least twice daily.

Finally, the skincare war against winter is all about keeping your skin from drying. We've helped you with your skincare routine and tips to get you started. Do your skin a lot of good by updating your skincare products for winter today.

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