Avon Kit

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  • For 130 years Avon has stood for women: providing innovative, quality beauty products which are primarily sold to women, through women. 
  • The Company for Women To be the company that best understands and satisfies the product, service and self-fulfilling needs of women - globally.
  • To create a world with more empowered women, because empowered women bring more beauty to the world.

Product Description


Introducing the Avon Kit: Empowering Women Through Beauty. For over a century, Avon has been a beacon of empowerment for women worldwide, offering innovative and high-quality beauty products. Our legacy is rooted in a commitment to women's well-being, and the Avon Kit is a testament to that dedication. From cosmetics to skincare, this kit is designed to enhance your natural beauty while supporting the greater mission of empowering women.

Features of the Avon Kit:

1. 130 Years of Empowerment: Avon's rich heritage spans 130 years of uplifting women by providing them with beauty products that inspire confidence and self-expression.

2. By Women, For Women: Avon's products are not just sold to women; they are sold by women, fostering a sense of unity and empowerment within our community.

3. Global Understanding: Avon strives to be the company that truly comprehends and fulfills the diverse needs of women across the globe.

4. Beauty Beyond Appearance: We believe that true beauty goes beyond cosmetics, aiming to empower women to embrace their inner strength and share their unique beauty with the world.

5. A World of Empowerment: Avon's vision is to create a world where women are empowered, as we understand that empowered women have the power to spread even more beauty and positivity.

This kit contains:

Product Quantity
1. Powerstay 24 hours liquid base Foundation1
2. Simply Pretty Compact1
3. True colour Lipstick1
4. Simply pretty Lip gloss1
5. True nutra effects(brightening day cream) all skin types1
6. Little black dress perfume spray1
7. Powerstay 24 hours volume mascara1


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