Bridal Kit

  • Rs. 26702
  • Rs. 30437
  • Lakme Toner tightens pores, re-energizes tired skin, unlocks pores, removes excess oil.
  • Kryolan Ultra Under Base is a hydrating water-based primer that is perfect for dry or combination skin types.
  • Revlon one stroke Kajal has softcore & rich silky coloring substances making it extremely easy to easy apply even on the inner rim of the eye for a bold and stunning look.
  • Make-up studio cleanser 3 in 1 is a quick and easy make-up remover for face and eye zones. Cleanser, toner, and eye make-up remover in one.
  • Sugar lip liner gives you fuller, matte-looking lips in a single smooth stroke. 
  • Get these perfect beauty parlour products online.
  • Professional Bridal Makeup Kit in Bangalore, Karnataka. 

Product Description


This Kit Contains :

Product Name


1. Make Studio Face & Eye Cleanser 3 In 1 1
2. Lakme Toner1
3. Faces Moisturizer 1
4. Aureana Serum 1
5. Kryolan Ultra Under Ba Primer 1
6. Derma Camouflage Cream 12 Shade1
7. Kryolan Foundation 12 Shade Palette1
8. Miss Claire Liquid Foundation1
9. Kryolan Translucent Powder1
10. Revolution Banana Powder 1
11. Miss Claire Eye Shadow Palette1
12. Profusion Blush & Bronze Palette1
13. Revolution Highlighter Palette1
14. Sugar Gel Liner1
15. Colorbar Make Up Fixer 1
16. Auric Eyeliner Wing Tip Liner1
17. Maybelline Mascara1
18. Revlon One Stroke Kajal1
19. Faces Eye Brow Pencil1
20. Coloressence Glitter1
21. Kryolan Lip Palette 1
22. Sugar Lip Liner1
23. Lakme Make Up Remover 1
24. Kryolan Shimmer Event Foundation 1


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