Colorbar Kit

  • Rs. 12930
  • Rs. 13610
  • Brighten your eyes, mask acne scars, and hide the remains of your crazy Saturday night with our Flawless Full Cover Concealer.
  • Colorbar Lipstick comes with a unique 2-in-1 formula that glides on velvety smooth and leaves a light, creamy matte finish behind, giving you red-carpet-ready lips.
  • Glam up your eye-game with the ultra-luxe eyeshadow palette, with high intensity shades that are perfect for a day diva look to a night glam beauty. 
  • Immerse your cheeks in luxurious, luminous color. Our Cheekillusion Blush has a lightweight, silky texture that hugs your cheeks with a velvet touch.
  • This long-lasting Colorbar eyeliner feels light on your lids and gives an attractive matte finish.
  • Say goodbye to creasy, flakey makeup with a single spray of our Stay the Day Finishing Mist. Our revitalizing mist sets your makeup while hydrating and toning your skin

Product Description


Introducing the Colorbar Kit: Your Ultimate Beauty Solution, a collection designed to enhance your natural beauty and give you a flawless, red-carpet-ready look. From concealing imperfections to creating stunning eye looks, this kit has everything you need to achieve a mesmerizing transformation. Get ready to shine like never before!

1. Flawless Full Cover Concealer: Banish blemishes, mask acne scars, and illuminate your eyes effortlessly. Our concealer provides impeccable coverage, leaving you with a radiant and refreshed appearance.

2. Colorbar Lipstick - 2-in-1 Elegance: Experience the epitome of elegance with our unique lipstick formula. Indulge your lips in velvety smoothness and embrace a delicate, creamy matte finish that's sure to turn heads.

3. Ultra-Luxe Eyeshadow Palette: Unleash your inner diva with our exquisite eyeshadow palette. Transform your look from day to night with high-intensity shades that exude luxury and captivate attention.

4. Cheekillusion Blush - Luminous Flush: Add a touch of luxury to your cheeks with our Cheekillusion Blush. Its lightweight, silky texture caresses your skin, leaving a luminous and velvety touch that enhances your natural radiance.

5. Long-Lasting Eyeliner: Define your eyes with precision using our long-lasting eyeliner. Experience a lightweight feel and an alluring matte finish that stays put throughout the day.

6. Stay the Day Finishing Mist: Bid farewell to makeup mishaps with a single spritz of our Stay the Day Finishing Mist. Not only does it set your makeup flawlessly, but it also revitalizes and hydrates your skin, leaving you with a radiant glow.This Kit Contains:

1. Blue light defense Serum1
2. Blue light defense Moisturizer1
3. Water bomb Primer1
4. Flawless full cover Concealer1
5. 24 hours weightless liquid Foundation1
6. Perfect match Compact1
7. Eye shadow palette 1
8. Infinite 24 hours Eyeliner1
9. I glide eye pencil1
10. Zooom & whoosh Mascara1
11. Stunning Eyebrow Pencil1
12. Definer Lip liner1
13. Matte me as I am lipstick1
14. Starlit lip gloss1
15. Cheek illusion blush1
16. Glow crazy highlighter palette1
17. Stay the day finishing mist fixer1


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