Faces Kit

  • Rs. 9489
  • Rs. 9988
  •  Our collection of lipsticks effortlessly glide across your lips for a smudge proof one stroke application.
  • Say goodbye to boring eye makeup and buy eyeshadow online in mesmerising colours that are sure to catch the eye.
  • The best way to top off your makeup and outfit is getting those perfect glossy nails with a colour that sparks envy.
  • Faces Canada has amazing skincare products online like facial cleansers that give your skin a youthful glow and hydrate your skin.
  • Faces Canada is a globally acclaimed brand that is continuously innovating its approach towards makeup and beauty products.

Product Description


Introducing FACES Kit: Elevate Your Beauty Game, Elevate your makeup routine with the exquisite FACES Kit – a collection of beauty essentials designed to redefine your look. From effortlessly smudge-proof lipsticks to mesmerizing eyeshadows, this kit has you covered from lips to nails. Explore the vibrant world of FACES Canada, a globally acclaimed brand dedicated to innovative makeup and beauty products.

Featured of the  FACES Kit: 

1. Sensational Lipsticks: Experience flawless lips with our lipsticks that glide on in a single stroke, ensuring smudge-proof, long-lasting perfection.

2. Captivating Eyeshadows: Transform your eye makeup with a range of mesmerizing eyeshadow colors available for you to buy online. Get ready to turn heads with your eye-catching looks.

3. Glossy Nail Perfection: Elevate your overall appearance with glossy, envy-inducing nails. Choose from a spectrum of colors to perfectly match your outfit and style.

4. Youthful Skincare: Discover our online selection of skincare wonders, including facial cleansers that give your skin a youthful glow and deep hydration.

5. Global Innovation: FACES Canada is renowned worldwide for its innovative approach to makeup and beauty products. Join us on a journey of continuous evolution and exploration.

This Kit Contains:

1. Hydro face Moisturizer1
2. Ultimate pro HD Ace Of Base Radiance Primer1
3. Ultimate Pro HD Foundation1
4. Ultimate Pro HD Powder1
5. Ultimate Pro face palette blush contour and highlighter1
6. Ultimate Pro eye shadow palette1
7. Ultimate Pro gel kajal1
8. Ultimate Pro HD mascara1
9. Ultimate Pro eyestyle liner1
10. Ultimate Pro HD lipstick1
11. Ultimate pro brow dye pencil1
12. Ultimate pro Makeup fixer1


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