Facial Kit-Skin Miracle

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  • Skin Miracle Facial Kit introduces its latest Pure Gold series for breakthrough skin Treatments.
  • The Pure Gold Serum, with the latest secret ingredients of pure 24 karat gold, allows the absorption of the beauty ingredients to your skin by accelerating cell growth to the skin.
  • The Pure Gold Cleansing gel cleanses skin pores, eliminates dirt and grease whilst refreshing the face.
  • The cleansing gel in the Skin Miracle Facial Kit also ensures a balance in skin moisture and reduces fine lines, wrinkles, and pigmentation. The Gold Peel-off Masks repair the skin cells at basal layers: protecting the skin from harmful free radicals and whitens the skin.
  • As this beauty kit illuminates the skin giving it a better complexion, it lifts and tightens the skin against the anti-aging effects.
  • Last but not the least, you can enjoy the goodness of Pure Gold Massage Cream, as the cream feeds moisture to the skin with its balanced pH value.
  • The skin miracle facial kit boosts collagen and elastic synthesis to battle anti-aging woes.

Product Description


Introducing the Skin Miracle Facial Kit—the ultimate solution for a radiant, youthful, and revitalized complexion. Unleash the power of pure gold and embrace your skin's true potential.

1. Breakthrough Pure Gold Series: Experience the latest innovation in skincare with Skin Miracle Facial Kit's Pure Gold series, designed to deliver exceptional skin treatments.

2. Pure Gold Serum: Infused with pure 24 karat gold, this serum accelerates cell growth, allowing for deeper absorption of beauty ingredients into your skin. Say goodbye to dullness and hello to radiant, revitalized skin.

3. Deep Cleansing with Pure Gold Cleansing Gel: This unique gel cleanser effectively removes impurities, dirt, and grease from your pores, leaving your face refreshed and rejuvenated. It also maintains the skin's moisture balance and reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and pigmentation.

4. Gold Peel-Off Masks: Repair and Protect: The Gold Peel-off Masks work wonders at the basal layers of your skin, providing deep repair and protection against harmful free radicals. Experience the skin-whitening effects and the reduction of imperfections for a flawless complexion.

5. Lift and Tighten with Anti-Aging Effects: Our Skin Miracle Facial Kit not only illuminates your skin, giving it a better complexion but also lifts and tightens it, combating the signs of aging. Enjoy firmer, younger-looking skin with every use.

6. Pure Gold Massage Cream: Indulge in the goodness of our Pure Gold Massage Cream, specially formulated with a balanced pH value to provide optimal moisture to your skin. Experience the nourishing benefits as it boosts collagen and elastic synthesis, fighting against anti-aging concerns.

This Kit Contains:

Product NameQuantity
1. Skin Miracle Bio Whitening 1
2. Skin Miracle Skin Whitening 1
3. Skin Miracle Kiwi Scrub1
4. Skin Miracle Bio Whitening Cleanser1
5. Skin Miracle Peel Off Mask1
6. Skin Miracle Sunscreen Lotion1
7. Skin Miracle Gold Kit1


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