Fashion Fever

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  • Skin booster Moisture lotion provides a dewy and a hydrated effect to your overall makeup. To be applied before makeup application.
  • Blush crush , A beautifully textured product which ensures long lasting natural effect.
  • The lip gloss with a advanced formula make it smooth and non-sticky hence long lasting upto 12 hours.
  • The concentrated liquid shimmer can be added to your foundation, primer or moisturiser, or simply used on its own for a super highlighted glow.

Product Description


Introducing Fashion Fever: Elevate Your Makeup Game with Our Premium Products. Our exquisite collection is designed to enhance your makeup routine and elevate your style. Unveil the secret to a flawless and radiant look with our range of products that are specially crafted to cater to your every makeup need. Whether you're a makeup enthusiast or a beauty aficionado, Fashion Fever has something extraordinary to offer.

Features of Fashion Fever:

1. Skin Booster Moisture Lotion: Achieve the coveted dewy complexion with our Skin Booster Moisture Lotion. Specially formulated to provide a hydrating base for your makeup, this lotion creates a perfect canvas for your artistic expressions. Apply it before your makeup routine and experience a fresh, radiant glow that lasts all day.

2. Blush Crush: Elevate your cheek game with our Blush Crush. This finely textured product guarantees a long-lasting, natural flush that enhances your features. Its exquisite formula blends seamlessly, allowing you to achieve a look that's both soft and captivating.

3. Advanced Lip Gloss Formula: Say goodbye to sticky lips and hello to irresistible shine with our Advanced Lip Gloss. Our cutting-edge formula ensures a velvety-smooth texture that stays put for up to 12 hours. Flaunt your perfect pout without worrying about constant touch-ups.

4. Concentrated Liquid Shimmer: Unleash your inner glow with our Concentrated Liquid Shimmer. This versatile product adds a mesmerizing highlight to your face and body. Mix it with your foundation, primer, or moisturizer for all-over radiance, or apply it alone for an intense, luminous effect that turns heads.

This Kit Contains :

Product Quantity
1. Perfect base1
2. Ultra HD (essentials palette)1
3. Liquid Foundation1
4. Skin booster1
5. Camouflage pro palette1


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