Hair Cutting Kit-Gold

  • Rs. 2576
  • Rs. 3083
  • Hair styling and cutting kit is best for Salon professional.
  • It is suitable for salon hairdressing and home personal use.
  • It has great and necessary accessories for hair cutting and styling.
  • It has its own styling needs. 
  • It has new and high quality combs and different tools accessories in kit.
  • This Kit is superior & beneficial than Hair Cutting Kit Silver

Product Description


This Kit Contains:

Product Name Quantity
1.Dummy DX1
2.Berina Gold Super Firm Hold Hair Spray1
3.Berina Gold Super Firm Hold Hair Mousse 3ooml1
4.Paddle Brush DX1
5.Hair Net FX1
6.Hair Bun FX1
7.Parineeta Hair Jewellery 17 SBL-T9-P1
8.Danial Scissors 1
9.Rubber Band Big Pack1
10.Roots Proffessional Comb 4021
11.U Pin FX 100pcs1


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