Hair Dressing Kit-Platinum

  • Rs. 44900
  • Rs. 52823
  • Hairstyling tools may include hair irons (including flat and curling irons), hairdryers, hairbrushes (both flat and round), hair rollers, diffusers, and various types of scissors.
  • Hairdressing includes the use of this hair salon product to add texture, shine, curl, volume, or hold to a particular style.
  • Wrap the hair around the barrel using different techniques and get a curl that runs the gamut from loose to polished and sophisticated.
  • The hairstyling kit contains a powerful yet lightweight blow dryer, a versatile curling iron, a razor, a paddle brush, a thermal round brush, a set of combs, clips for sectioning, and a water bottle that makes it easy to keep hair moist throughout the haircut.
  • The list of necessary salon supplies is substantial: scissors, razors, electric styling tools, towels, spray bottles, haircutting capes, brushes, combs, hand mirrors, and hair coloring instruments.
  • This Kit is more superior & beneficial than Hair Dressing Kit-Gold

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Product Description


This Kit Contains:

Product Name1
1.Hector Hair Dryer 2400W1
2.Wahl Super Taper1
3.Hector Tong 6in11
4.Ikonic Pro Shine PTS1
5.Andis Slimline Pro Lit- Blade Timmer-Silver1
6.Tony&Guy Dusting Brush1
7.Neck Roll FX1
8.HNK Procrimp Crimper1
9.Mirror Dx1
10.Water Spray Gun FX1
11.Jaguar Scissors 827601
12.Ikonic Carbon Comb CC 0091
13.Ikonic Carbon Comb CC 0041
14.Ikonic Carbon Comb with Metal CC 71
15.MSD Cutting Sheet 01101
16.Kraftpro Razor1
17.MSD Apron1
18.Ikonic Butterfly Clip 021
19.Hair Dye Sheet DX1
20.Denman Medium Hot Curl 48MMD761


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