Hair Dressing Kit-Silver

  • Rs. 10667
  • Rs. 13748
  • Suitable for salon hairdressing and home personal use.
  • The Kit contains a powerful yet lightweight blow dryer, a versatile curling iron, a razor, a paddle brush, a thermal round brush, a set of combs, clips for sectioning and a water bottle that makes it easy to keep hair moist throughout the haircut.
  • Our favorite is a professional Mr Barber blow dryer with ceramic tourmaline. Weighing in at less than a pound, it delivers powerful airflow, yet it’s whisper-quiet.
  • Wrap the hair around the barrel using different techniques and get curl that runs the gamut from loose to polished and sophisticated.
  • To make things easy, we’ve come up with a list of items that are absolutely essential for building the perfect hairdresser’s tool kit.

Product Description


This Kit Contains:

Product NameQuantity
1.Ikonic White Spray Bottle 0033M1
2.Hair Dye Sheet DX1
3.Cutting Sheet DX1
4.Mr Barber Crocodile Clips MB-CL021
5.Dusting Brush DX1
6.Danial Scissors1
7.Ikonic Hair Straightener S3-Black1
8.HNK Curling Tong 22MM1
9.Mr Barber Hair Dryer Power Play1
10.Mr Barber Cutting Comb MB-C0041
11.Mr Barber Cutting Comb MB-C0081
12.Mr Barber Cutting Comb MB-C0061
13.Ikonic Head Hug HHB 321
14.Ikonic Head Hug HHB 521
15.Ikonic Head Hug HHB 251


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