Hair Styling Kit-Gold

  • Rs. 3088
  • Rs. 3250
  • Hair Styling kit includes different types of accessories to satisfy your desires, never worry to buy this kit it best.
  • Hair styling kit, suitable for multiple hair styling, especially fit for long hair.
  • It is suitable for making hairstyle in appointment, date, wedding or party etc.
  • It is best gift choice for your friends sisters and so on.
  • It build up your personality to look gorgeous.
  • This kit is Superior & beneficial than Hair Styling Kit Silver.

Product Description


This Kit Contains:

Product NameQuantity
1.Sujata Hair Pin FX1
2.Paddle Brush DX1
3.Hair Donut FX1
4.Rubber Band 25 pcs1
5.Parineeta Broches 3461
6.Parineeta Broches 4101
7.Mirror DX1
8.U Pin DX1
9.Parineeta Messy Bun 45451
10.Roots Professional Comb 3031
11.Chouri FX1


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