Hair Styling Kit-Platinum

  • Rs. 4725
  • Rs. 6025
  • Hair styling kit includes different types of accessories to satisfy your desires, suit for all hair style.
  • Hair styling kit, suitable for multiple hair styling, especially fit for long hair.
  • It is suitable for making hairstyle and give a new look at appointment, date, wedding or party etc.
  • It is best gift choice for your loveone.
  • It build up your personality to look gorgeous. This Kit is superior & beneficial than Hair Styling Kit Gold.

Product Description


Introducing the Hair Styling Kit-Platinum: Unleash Your Style!

1. Experience limitless hair styling possibilities with our premium Hair Styling Kit-Platinum. Designed to satisfy your desires and cater to all hair types, this comprehensive kit is a must-have for anyone seeking to elevate their personal style.

2. The Hair Styling Kit-Platinum is particularly well-suited for long hair, providing the perfect tools to effortlessly create stunning hairstyles. Whether you're attending an appointment, a date, a wedding, or a party, this kit is your ultimate styling companion.

3. Looking for the perfect gift for your loved one? Look no further! The Hair Styling Kit-Platinum is the ideal choice. Show your appreciation and thoughtfulness by giving them a gift that will enhance their beauty and confidence.

4. Elevate your personality and radiate confidence with the Hair Styling Kit-Platinum. Designed to make you look absolutely gorgeous, this kit is a cut above its predecessor, the Hair Styling Kit Gold. Experience superior quality and enjoy the countless benefits of our Platinum edition.

This Kit Contains:

Product NameQuantity
1.Mr Barber Curl On Tongs CO-221
2.Parineeta Hair Broches 3081
3.Ikonic Carbon Comb CC-0081
4.Ikonic Carbon Comb With Metal Tail CC 71
5.Hair Stickers FX1
6.Ikonic Paddle Big PBB1
7.Parineeta Hair Extension 90901
8.Mirror DX1
10.Hair Bun FX1
11.Rubber Band FX1
12.Sujata Hair Pin Small Fx1


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