Imagic Pro Kit

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  • Designed with professional research and development, high-end raw material, unique formulas, rigorous technology, perfect in color system
  • IMAGIC believes that BEAUTY HAS NO LIMIT. It is not about age, gender, nationality, nor ethnicity. It is only about being confident and beautiful encouraged by our inner thoughts. We shall strive to break through ourselves and actively explore more possibilities of life.
  • To offer WALLET-FRIENDLY and CRUELTY-FREE professional make up products.

Product Description


Introducing the IMAGIC Pro Kit: Elevate Your Beauty Game. Merging cutting-edge research and development, premium raw materials, innovative formulas, and advanced technology, this kit is your key to a flawless and vibrant appearance. Our philosophy is simple: BEAUTY HAS NO LIMIT. Regardless of age, gender, nationality, or ethnicity, confidence and beauty emanate from within. IMAGIC empowers you to shatter boundaries, embracing the multitude of life's possibilities.

Features of the IMAGIC Pro Kit:

1. Professional Craftsmanship: Crafted through extensive research and development, every element of the IMAGIC Pro Kit is designed to meet the standards of professionals. Elevate your makeup routine with a product that ensures expert-level results.

2. Premium Raw Materials: We are committed to excellence. The kit features only the finest raw materials, carefully selected to deliver unparalleled quality and performance. Each product embodies our dedication to perfection.

3. Innovative Formulas: Dive into a world of innovation with our unique formulas. IMAGIC Pro Kit's formulations are a result of tireless experimentation and refinement, offering you makeup solutions that effortlessly blend with your skin, enhancing your natural beauty.

4. Cutting-Edge Technology: Our dedication to perfection extends to our technological approach. IMAGIC Pro Kit utilizes state-of-the-art technology, ensuring seamless application and long-lasting results, regardless of the environment or occasion.

5. Diverse Color System: Immerse yourself in a spectrum of shades designed to complement every skin tone and style. The IMAGIC Pro Kit's comprehensive color system empowers you to express your individuality and creativity with confidence.

6. Empowering Beauty Philosophy: At IMAGIC, we believe in breaking barriers and embracing beauty in all its forms. Our philosophy encourages self-expression and self-assuredness, fostering a sense of empowerment that transcends societal norms.

7. Wallet-Friendly and Cruelty-Free: Experience guilt-free indulgence with our wallet-friendly range of products. IMAGIC is committed to making professional-grade makeup accessible to all, without compromising on quality. Furthermore, we proudly stand against animal cruelty, ensuring that our products are cruelty-free and ethically produced.

This Kit contains :

Product Quantity
1. HD high definition Foundation1
2. Concealer & corrector1
3. HD banana powder1
4. 30 color Eye shadow palette1
5. 4 color Contour palette1
6. Giant perfect mascara1
7. Mist & fixing Spray1


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