Make Up Studio Kit

  • Rs. 37990
  • Rs. 37990
  • The Makeup Studio products are known to provide a great finish and are perfect for long-term wear. 
  • Makeup studio cleaner 3 in 1 is a quick and easy make-up remover for face and eye zones. Cleanser, toner, and eye make-up remover.
  • The translucent powder in this makeup kit is revolutionary that guarantees extra fine texture and matt results.
  • Makeup studio pre-base primer is a non-oily formulation for smooth and long-lasting make-up. Acts as a primer for all skin types. For extra dry skin, one can use a moisturizer before Pre Base.
  • Makeup studio offers a 2-way gel base that provides long-lasting results for the eyeshadow.
  • Makeup studio fluid eyeliner is a smudge-proof water-resistant and long-lasting fluid eyeliner, with a very fine brush tip.
  • Vaibhav Stores is an exclusive authorized super stockist of Makeup studio products in Bangalore, Karnataka.
  • This is a perfect makeup kit for professional makeup artists.

Product Description


Introducing the MAKE UP STUDIO KIT: Achieve a Flawless and Long-Lasting Finish, designed to give you a flawless finish that lasts all day. Whether you're a makeup enthusiast or a professional artist, this kit offers versatile and high-quality products to elevate your makeup game. Get ready to create stunning looks with ease using the Makeup Studio's exceptional range of makeup essentials.

1. Great Finish and Long-Term Wear: The Makeup Studio products are renowned for providing a great finish and are perfect for long-term wear.

2. Makeup Studio Cleaner 3 in 1: A quick and easy makeup remover for the face and eye zones, acting as a cleanser, toner, and eye makeup remover all in one.

3. Translucent Powder: Experience the revolution of the translucent powder in this makeup kit, guaranteeing an extra fine texture and matte results.

4. Makeup Studio Pre-Base Primer: This non-oily formulation creates a smooth canvas for long-lasting makeup and acts as a primer suitable for all skin types. For extra dry skin, a moisturizer can be used before applying the Pre Base.

5. 2-Way Gel Base: Makeup Studio offers a 2-way gel base that provides long-lasting results for eyeshadow application.

6. Fluid Eyeliner: Achieve smudge-proof, water-resistant, and long-lasting results with the Makeup Studio fluid eyeliner. Its fine brush tip allows for precise application.

This Kit Contains :

Product NameQuantity
1. Make Up Studio Cleaner 3 In 11
2. Make Up Studio Day & Night Moisturizer1
3. Make Up Studio Pre Base Primer1
4. Make Up Studio Concealer Palette1
5. Make Up Studio Face It Foundation Palette1
6. Make Up Studio Translucent Powder 60GM1
7. Make Up Studio 2 Way Gel1
8. Make Up Studio Face Shimmer Effect1
9. Make Up Studio Luxury Lip Collection 18 Color1
10. Make Up Studio Luxury Eye Collection 18 Color1
11. Make Up Studio Eye Shadow / Blusher 5 Shades 1
12. Make Up Studio Fluid Eyeliner1
13. Make Up Studio Mascara False Effect 4D1
14. Make Up Studio Creamy Kohl Pencil 3 Shades1
15. Make Up Studio Shaping Box Powder1
16. Make Up Studio Pro Brow Gel Liner1
17. Make Up Studio Make Up Fixer 1
18. Make Up Studio Lumiere Highlight Powder1


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