Manicure & Pedicure Platinum kit

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  • Rs. 6355
  • A manicure cleans and shapes your nails and treats the cuticles.
  • Pedicure feet can be considered as the most neglected parts of our body and they generally get left out from our daily beauty regime.
  • Manicure Having great looking nails is a good enough reason to get a regular manicure done, but there are important health benefits as well. 
  • A manicure cleans and shapes your nails and treats the cuticles, which can prove to be vital for keeping the nails strong and healthy.
  • Similar to manicure, pedicure cleans, trims and shapes your nails to prevent them from growing inward and causing infection.
  • The massage and exfoliating elements can provide relief from aching muscles and feet and stimulate blood circulation.
  • Moisturising creams and oils keep your feet well hydrated and prevent and cure painful cracked heels.This kit is superior and beneficial than Manicure and Pedicure kit Gold.

Product Description


This Kit Contains:
1.Cling Wrap Big1
2.Hand Gloves1
3.Paraffin Wax1
4.Skynista Magic Scoop Soak Ball1
5.Body Care Cuticle Cream 400gm1
6.Revyur Foot Cleanser 500 ml1
7.Revyur Foot Pack 1000gm1
8.Hydrogen Peroxide 400ml1
9.Berry's Bath Salt 1kg 1
10. Revyur Foot Scrub 1000gm1
11.R Nail -Nail Remover 600ml1
12.Revyur Crack Healing Cream 500 gm1


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