Nail Art Kit-Glam

  • Rs. 5562
  • Rs. 6952
  • The Nail art kit allows you to make patterns that are drawn or painted; the patterns are put on the nails using different techniques, which vary according to the nail art designs.
  • The nail art kit has various tools to help with the various techniques that come under different categories.
  • These nail art tools can help in adding to your personality and make you look beautiful.
  • This Glam India's Nail Art Kit has every tool needed for sponging, taping, painting, or drawing with brushes, digital nail art, etc. 
  • Vaibhav Stores' beauty products can help you feel confident about great nails and nail art decorations. 
  • We are an Exclusive Distributor for GLAM (India), with a dedicated team for a wide range of Nail Art Accessories.

Product Description


This Kit Contains : 

Product Name  QUANTITY
1. Hand Cushion
2. Nail Polish Remover


3. Mylars1
4. Glitter Powder1
5. 4D Nail Sticker 1
6. Fake Nails1
7. French Manicure Kit 1
8. Tip Cutter1

9. Lint Free Wipes

10. Stamping Set 1
11. Dotting Tool Set1
12. Nail Glue 1
13. Vinyls1
14. Brush Set 1
15. 11 In 1 Nail Care1
16. Shining Buffer1
17. Banana Buffer1
18. Stamping Polish 1
19. Glam Top Coat 1
20. Glam Base Coat1
21. Glam Polish1


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