Nail Art Kit-Glam

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  • The Nail art kit allows you to make patterns that are drawn or painted; the patterns are put on the nails using different techniques, which vary according to the nail art designs.
  • The nail art kit has various tools to help with the various techniques that come under different categories.
  • These nail art tools can help in adding to your personality and make you look beautiful.
  • This Glam India's Nail Art Kit has every tool needed for sponging, taping, painting, or drawing with brushes, digital nail art, etc. 
  • Vaibhav Stores' beauty products can help you feel confident about great nails and nail art decorations. 
  • We are an Exclusive Distributor for GLAM (India), with a dedicated team for a wide range of Nail Art Accessories.

Product Description


Introducing the NAIL ART KIT-GLAM:  With its versatile tools, you can explore endless nail art designs and make a statement with your stunning nails. Trust in Vaibhav Stores' commitment to excellence as your go-to source for all your nail art needs.

1. Endless Possibilities: The Nail Art Kit opens up a world of possibilities for creating stunning patterns on your nails. Express your creativity with various designs using different techniques.

2. Versatile Tools: The kit includes a wide range of tools specifically designed for different nail art techniques. From sponging to taping, painting to drawing with brushes, and even digital nail art, this kit has you covered.

3. Enhance Your Personality: Nail art is not just about beautiful designs; it's a way to express yourself and enhance your overall appearance. The nail art tools in this kit can add a touch of uniqueness to your personality and make you look even more beautiful.

4. Complete Kit: Glam India's Nail Art Kit is a comprehensive set that contains everything you need. It includes tools for sponging, taping, painting, drawing, and more. With this kit, you have all the essentials for creating exquisite nail art.

5. Vaibhav Stores Exclusive: As an Exclusive Distributor for GLAM (India), Vaibhav Stores takes pride in offering a wide range of Nail Art Accessories. Trust in our dedicated team to provide you with top-quality beauty products that will help you achieve great nails and stunning nail art decorations.

This Kit Contains : 

Product Name  QUANTITY
1. Hand Cushion
2. Nail Polish Remover


3. Mylars1
4. Glitter Powder1
5. 4D Nail Sticker 1
6. Fake Nails1
7. French Manicure Kit 1
8. Tip Cutter1

9. Lint Free Wipes

10. Stamping Set 1
11. Dotting Tool Set1
12. Nail Glue 1
13. Vinyls1
14. Brush Set 1
15. 11 In 1 Nail Care1
16. Shining Buffer1
17. Banana Buffer1
18. Stamping Polish 1
19. Glam Top Coat 1
20. Glam Base Coat1
21. Glam Polish1


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