Olifair Kit

  • Rs. 3517
  • Rs. 4396
  • Olifair products, which have been carefully researched and blended to have a positive healing effect on the mind, body and soul.
  • Olifair also been welcomed internationally, especially in Asian region and Europe. Because Olifair brings appealing affordable, high-quality cosmetic products to customers around the world, providing them with maximum satisfaction.
  • Each of our product uses traditional methods in its making and combines the science of aromatherapy, which includes extracting oils from plants, flowers and seeds.
  • Across India, Olifair can satisfy the needs of consumers of different ages / educational levels and professions. To satisfy the diverse needs of customers, Olifair produces over 20 products in five major categories,.
  • All the essential oils are carefully sourced and blended to precision personally under the care of CRAZY Cosmetic Olifair was founded in 2012 and Marketing cosmetic brand, namely "OLIFAIR" with the aim that women around the world will have greater awareness of prime quality cosmetic products.