Renee Kit

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  •  Extending our horizons with innovation, we launched FAB 5, 5 in 1 lipstick; sparkling the fire of possibility with shades that stunningly fit every mood and occasion.
  • Fab Face, the first of its kind to encapsulate the essence of eyes, cheeks and lips, in a single stroke of perfection. See Me Shine lip glosses, Pointy End Sketch pen eyeliner and many more.
  • We bring to the modern women of India new age makeup with quality, colors and class unparalleled.
  • Enough is not an option for women who won't settle for less, and we abide by it. RENÉE is a new beginning. Your rebirth.

Product Description


Introducing Renee Kit: Redefining Beauty with Innovation. Step into a world of boundless beauty possibilities with our revolutionary Renee Kit! Embrace the essence of modern makeup with a touch of elegance and class that is unparalleled. Our mission is to empower the modern women of India with quality, vibrant colors, and the confidence to conquer any occasion.

1. FAB 5 - 5 in 1 Lipstick: Unleash your creativity and express yourself with our FAB 5 lipstick collection. Five stunning shades, each perfectly curated to match every mood and event, all in one sleek package.

2. Fab Face - All-in-One Makeup Solution: Experience the magic of Fab Face, the first-of-its-kind product that effortlessly captures the essence of eyes, cheeks, and lips in a single, effortless stroke. Say goodbye to cluttered makeup bags and hello to flawless convenience.

3. See Me Shine Lip Glosses: Embrace your luscious lips with our See Me Shine lip glosses. With a variety of shades and a dazzling shine, your lips will be the center of attention wherever you go.

4. Pointy End Sketch Pen Eyeliner: Achieve precise and stunning eye looks with our Pointy End Sketch Pen Eyeliner. The fine-tip applicator allows you to create anything from subtle lines to bold wings with ease.

This kit contains:

Product NameQuantity
1.Texture fix - post makeup oil1
2. Glass glow pre make up oil1
3.Strobe queen makeup highlighter1
4.Kohilistic Kajal pen- hard black1
5.Fab - combo1
6. Spot light combo1
7. Makeup removing balm1
8. 5 in 1 lipstick fab 51


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