Sugar Kit

  • Rs. 7495
  • Rs. 7889
  • The creamy matte lipsticks are water-resistant, transferproof, non-drying and do not budge for hours together.

  • The lipstick colours are rich in pigment, offer more colour intensity and a lightweight feel.

  • The travel-friendly size of the makeup face palette is exactly what you’d love to stash in your clutch to create any look in a flash. 
  • It’s time to put your hands together for none other than the luxurious, the lavish, the grand SUGAR Sheet Mask. Packed individually with enriched formulas that help detoxify, cleanse, hydrate, vitalize & brighten your skin.
  • For all you alluring women who have everyone under their spell, and in your eyes, have the sins of Black Magic. Bewitch the whole world with vigour as you rock this black enchantress with silver glitter.
  • We believe in every interpretation of beauty. Bold to subdued, quirky to crazy, everyday to glam goddess! Our aim is to celebrate every aspect of you, no matter what your style is.