Waxing Kit Platinum

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  • Waxing is a popular depilatory method where hair is removed from the roots for longer lasting results. Wax is applied to the skin and clings to the hairs.
  • It removes the unwanted hairs without causing any pain. Ready To Use Wax Strips with 4 double sided wax strips is a perfect thing for women with sensitive skin.
  • It not only removes the hair but keeps skin soft too. The strips can be cut as per need and one strip can be used for 4-5 times.
  • Your skin will get gentle exfoliation.
  • Improved skin texture. In addition to removing excess, unwanted hair, waxing also removes the top layer of dry, dead skin cells. This kit is superior and beneficial than Waxing kit Gold.

Product Description


Introducing the WAXING KIT PLATINUM:  Embrace a pain-free and convenient waxing experience, suitable for sensitive skin. Enjoy the added benefits of soft, exfoliated skin and superior performance. Upgrade your waxing routine with the ultimate choice, the WAXING KIT PLATINUM.

1. Depilatory Excellence: Experience the popular method of waxing for effective hair removal from the roots, delivering longer-lasting results.

2. Pain-Free Solution: Say goodbye to pain and discomfort with the Ready To Use Wax Strips included in the kit. Ideal for women with sensitive skin, these strips offer a gentle and hassle-free waxing experience.

3. Soft and Smooth Skin: Not only does the WAXING KIT PLATINUM remove unwanted hair, but it also leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth.

4. Economical and Convenient: Each strip can be cut according to your needs, and one strip can be used multiple times, providing excellent value for money.

5. Gentle Exfoliation: Enjoy the benefits of gentle exfoliation as the waxing process also removes the top layer of dry, dead skin cells, resulting in improved skin texture.

6. Superior and Beneficial: The WAXING KIT PLATINUM stands out as a superior and more beneficial option compared to the Waxing Kit Gold, offering enhanced features and superior performance.

This Kit Contains:
1.Biosoft Wax Strip Rolls1
2.Salonista Wax Heater 1
3.Biosoft After Wax Lotion 500ml1
4.Biosoft Post Oil 500ml1
5.Fiera Wax 800ml1
6.Wooden Spatula Knife1
7.Rica White Refill Wax 100ml1
8.Sara Brazilian Wax 500gm1
9.Tissue Cloth 100pcs1


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