HNK Tong CT-19

  • Rs. 3038
  • Rs. 3750
  • Clamp - total control of the hair section - place clamp on top of the section to curl the hair under.
  • To curl the hair out, place the clamp underneath the section
  • Temperature control - 30 settings from130°c to 220°c

Product Description


Introducing HNK TONG CT-19: Revolutionize Your Hair Styling! Say goodbye to ordinary curls and embrace the exceptional control and precision that this innovative hair curler brings to your fingertips. Designed to give you the power to transform your hair effortlessly, the HNK TONG CT-19 is the ultimate tool you need for achieving stunning curls that truly stand out.

Features of the HNK TONG CT-19:

1. Clamp for Total Control: Experience a new level of mastery over your hair sections. The uniquely designed clamp allows you to take charge by offering two distinct curling options. For elegant curls that cascade inward, position the clamp on top of the hair section. If you're looking to create dynamic curls that flow outward, simply place the clamp underneath the section. Enjoy ultimate flexibility and creativity with every curl.

2. Temperature Precision: Tailor your hairstyling experience with absolute precision. The HNK TONG CT-19 boasts an impressive temperature control feature that provides an extensive range of 30 settings, ranging from a gentle 130°C to a sizzling 220°C. Whether your hair craves a delicate touch or demands intense heat, you're in full command of the styling process.

3. Effortless Elegance: Unleash your inner hairstylist and effortlessly craft a variety of looks that suit any occasion. The HNK TONG CT-19 ensures consistent heat distribution throughout its high-quality barrel, resulting in curls that are not only stunning but also long-lasting. Achieve salon-worthy results from the comfort of your own home.

4. Time-Saving Elegance: With the HNK TONG CT-19, achieving flawless curls doesn't mean sacrificing time. Thanks to its advanced heating technology, the curler heats up rapidly, allowing you to dive into your styling routine without delay. Efficient, effective, and oh-so-elegant.


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