HNK Tong CT-25

  • Rs. 3038
  • Rs. 3750
  • 15 second heat up & instant heat recovery
  • Featuring up to 220c high heat for long lasting regulated temperature control
  • 15 digital temperature settings for enhanced hair protection on all hair types

Product Description


Introducing the HNK TONG CT-25: Elevate Your Hair Styling Experience, a revolutionary styling tool designed to provide unparalleled results. Whether you're aiming for sleek straight locks or voluminous curls, this advanced hair tong is your ultimate companion. Its cutting-edge features ensure not only remarkable styling outcomes but also prioritize the health and protection of your hair.

Features of the HNK TONG CT-25:

1. 15 Second Heat Up & Instant Heat Recovery: Experience efficiency like never before. The HNK TONG CT-25 heats up in just 15 seconds, saving you precious time during your busy routines. Plus, its instant heat recovery ensures consistent performance throughout your styling session.

2. Up to 220°C High Heat: Unleash your creativity with up to 220°C of high heat. This exceptional temperature range allows you to experiment with various styles while maintaining long-lasting results. Say goodbye to frizz and hello to gorgeous, salon-worthy hair.

3. 15 Digital Temperature Settings: Your hair's safety and wellbeing matter. With 15 digital temperature settings at your fingertips, you can customize the heat according to your hair type. Whether your hair is delicate or coarse, this feature ensures enhanced protection while achieving your desired style.

4. Enhanced Hair Protection: Prioritize your hair's health with the HNK TONG CT-25. The precise temperature control and advanced heating technology work together to minimize damage and ensure every styling session leaves your hair not only stunning but also well-protected.


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