Ikonic Curling CT-22

  • Rs. 2800
  • Rs. 4000
  • Curling tong has ceramic coating ensures that the vented barrel glides on smoothly and prevents damage inducing hotspot.
  • The curling tong automatically shut off after 60 minutes when it not in use.
  • It is coated with tourmaline ceramic barrel with Cool Tip.
  • It has 3 meter long safety cord.

Product Description


Introducing the IKONIC CURLING CT-22 - Your Ultimate Styling Companion! Are you looking for a top-notch curling tong that effortlessly creates beautiful curls without damaging your hair? Look no further! The IKONIC CURLING CT-22 is designed with cutting-edge features to give you stunning results while keeping your hair healthy and safe.

1. Ceramic Coating: Our curling tong boasts a premium ceramic coating that ensures the vented barrel glides smoothly through your hair, preventing damaging hotspots and leaving your locks looking flawless.

2. Auto Shut-Off Function: Worried about leaving your curling tong on unintentionally? Fear not! The CT-22 comes equipped with an intelligent auto shut-off feature that turns off the device after 60 minutes of inactivity, providing you with peace of mind.

3. Tourmaline Ceramic Barrel with Cool Tip: The CT-22 is coated with a tourmaline ceramic barrel, which not only helps in maintaining an even heat distribution but also incorporates a cool tip for added safety during styling.

4. Extra-Long Safety Cord: We understand the importance of flexibility and safety while styling. That's why we've included a 3-meter long safety cord to give you ample space and freedom to move around without any worries.

5. Ceramic Shine Infused Barrel: Say goodbye to dull-looking curls! The CT-22's ceramic shine-infused barrel imparts a healthy sheen to your curls, leaving them looking vibrant and glamorous.

6. Heat Ready Indicator System: No more guesswork! The heat ready indicator system lets you know when the curling tong has reached the optimal temperature for styling, ensuring consistent and effective results every time.

7. Comfort Grip Rubber Handle: We prioritize your comfort during styling sessions. The CT-22 comes with a comfortable grip rubber handle, allowing you to handle the device with ease and precision.

8. Integrated Safety Stand: Need to take a quick break in between styling? The integrated safety stand provides a secure resting spot for your curling tong, preventing any accidental mishaps.







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