MR.Barber Conical Tong 25mm

  • Rs. 2700
  • Rs. 3600

• Ceramic infused Conical Tong lets you create curls, waves, and flicks.

• It has rubberized soft grip for easy handling salon length rotating Swivel Cord.

• Conical temperature setting is from 130-230 C.

Product Description


Introducing MR.BARBER Conical Tong 25MM: Elevate Your Hairstyling Game. The MR.BARBER Conical Tong 25MM is here to redefine your hairstyling experience, offering a range of features designed to bring your creative vision to life. Whether you're a professional hairstylist or a DIY enthusiast, this tool is your gateway to achieving long-lasting, voluminous curls with ease.

Features MR.BARBER Conical Tong 25MM:

1. Ceramic Infused Conical Tong: Effortlessly create a variety of hairstyles using the ceramic-infused conical barrel. From curls to waves and flicks, the possibilities are limitless.

2. Rubberized Soft Grip: The ergonomic design with a rubberized soft grip ensures comfortable and easy handling, even during extended styling sessions.

3. Salon Length Rotating Swivel Cord: Maneuver with precision, thanks to the salon-length rotating swivel cord. Say goodbye to tangles and restrictions while achieving your desired look.

4. Conical Temperature Setting: Customize your styling experience with a conical temperature range of 130-230°C. This versatility allows you to adapt the tool to various hair types and styles.

5. Professional's Choice: Trusted by hair professionals, the Mr. Barber Conical Tong delivers exceptional, long-lasting curls, flicks, and voluminous waves that stand the test of time.







Item Weight

425 Grams

Power Source

Corded Electric

Max Temperature Setting

210 Degrees Celsius

Heater Surface Material



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