Wahl Curling Tong

  • Rs. 1750
  • Rs. 2500

• The Wahl ceramic curling tong has two heat settings allowing you to adjust the temperature to suit your hair type.

• It has quick heating function and max temperature is 200 degree.

• These tong let you create your style without the risk of damage to your hair.

Product Description


Introducing the Wahl Ceramic Curling Tong: Your Styling Solution. Engineered to perfection, this curling tong offers precision, convenience, and hair-friendly features, ensuring you achieve the look you desire without compromising your hair's health. Elevate your styling game with these standout features:

Features of the Wahl Ceramic Curling Tong:

1. Customizable Heat Settings: The Wahl curling tong boasts two heat settings, empowering you to tailor the temperature to your unique hair type and styling preferences.

2. Swift Heating Function: Say goodbye to waiting. Experience quick heating that gets you ready to style in no time.

3. Maximum Temperature of 200°C: Achieve flawless curls and waves with confidence, thanks to the curling tong's maximum temperature of 200°C.

4. Hair Protection Priority: With Wahl, your hair's well-being comes first. Enjoy creating stunning styles while minimizing the risk of damage to your precious locks.


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