HNK Pro Crimp

  • Rs. 3400
  • Rs. 4250
  • Pro Crimp has durable and extra life titanium, gentle and smooth on hair.
  • It also has Sleek International design with 4 wave plate.
  • It also has temperature control setting upto 210 C
  • It is Tangle free swivel cord.

Product Description


Introducing the HNK PRO CRIMP: Achieve effortless and stylish waves with the HNK PRO CRIMP. Its durable titanium construction, sleek international design with 4 wave plates, temperature control setting, and tangle-free swivel cord make it the perfect tool for creating stunning hairstyles. Experience professional-level results with ease and add a touch of glamour to your everyday look.

Durable and Extra Life Titanium: The Pro Crimp features a durable and long-lasting titanium construction, ensuring it withstands regular use. Its extra life titanium plates are gentle and smooth on the hair, minimizing damage and providing a sleek finish.

Sleek International Design with 4 Wave Plates: Experience professional-level styling with the Pro Crimp's sleek international design. It comes equipped with 4 wave plates that effortlessly create beautiful waves, adding texture and volume to your hair.

Temperature Control Setting up to 210°C: Take control of your styling with the adjustable temperature control setting. The Pro Crimp offers temperature options up to 210°C, allowing you to customize the heat according to your hair type and desired style.

Tangle-Free Swivel Cord: Enjoy hassle-free styling sessions with the Pro Crimp's tangle-free swivel cord. The cord rotates smoothly, providing flexibility and freedom of movement as you create your desired waves.


  • HNK

Model Number

  • Pro-Crimp Professional Portable Hair Crimper


  • Wired


  • Black

Styling Options

  • 3

Operating Temperature

  • 160-210 DEGREE CELCIUS

Power Indicator Light Present

  • Yes


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