Scarlet Ultrasonic Infrared Iron

  • Rs. 5250
  • Rs. 7500

  • Powerful Ultrasonic Infrared One Inch Plate .
  • Programmed To Enable Ultrasonic Vibrations Every 10 Seconds .
  • 2.5 meters 360 Degree Swivel Cord Prevents Tangling And Damage .

Product Description


Introducing the Scarlet Ultrasonic Infrared Iron, a powerful hair straightener designed to provide professional-level performance and advanced hair care features.  The Scarlet Ultrasonic Infrared Iron is the ultimate styling tool for those seeking professional-grade results with added hair care benefits. Experience the power of ultrasonic and infrared technology for nourished, sleek, and beautiful hair.

Features of the Scarlet Ultrasonic Infrared Iron:

Powerful Ultrasonic Infrared One Inch Plate: The iron is equipped with a one-inch plate that utilizes ultrasonic and infrared technology. This combination allows for deep treatment and moisture infusion, promoting healthier-looking hair.

1. Programmed Ultrasonic Vibrations: To enhance the deep treatment process, the iron is programmed to emit ultrasonic vibrations every 10 seconds. These vibrations help to distribute the treatment evenly throughout the hair, maximizing its effectiveness.

2. 2.5 Meters 360 Degree Swivel Cord: The iron comes with a 2.5 meters long cord that can rotate 360 degrees. This feature prevents tangling and damage to the cord, providing a hassle-free styling experience.

3. Infrared Moisture Seal Technology: The Scarlet Ultrasonic Infrared Iron utilizes Infrared Moisture Seal Technology. The Far Infra-Red (FIR) rays emitted by the iron penetrate deep into the hair cuticles, sealing in the hair's natural moisture. This process results in silkier, longer-lasting shine.

4. Damage Repair and Heat Protection: The infrared waves emitted by the iron reach deep into the hair strands, offering protection to the sensitive cuticle. By preventing excessive heat exposure damage, the iron helps to maintain the hair's health and vitality.

5. Ergonomic Design and Soft-Touch Finish: The iron features a unique ergonomic design and a soft-touch glossy finish. These elements provide ultimate comfort and grip during styling sessions, ensuring a pleasant user experience.

6. Ultrasonic-Infrared Titanium Ceramic Plates: The iron's plates are made of Ultrasonic-Infrared Titanium Ceramic. This material combination delivers excellent heat distribution and helps keep the hair looking healthy, vibrant, and full of life.





Hair Type

Frizzy Dry Hair

Power Source

Corded Electric


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