Deluxe Sterilizer

  • Rs. 6300
  • Rs. 10500
  • The UV light automatically turns off when you open the front door of the sterilizer
  • This prevents direct exposure to the UV light while taking out things kept inside the sterilizer
  • The lamp turns ON only when the front door is closed.
  • For partition, there are two stainless steel grills provided with this instrument sterilizer. Fitted with a Quality Germicidal Lamp this UV Sterilizer has a safety feature for the staff using it in the Spa or Salon.
            Exclusive of taxes & freight charges

Product Description


Introducing the Deluxe Sterilizer, a cutting-edge solution designed to enhance safety and efficiency in your spa or salon. Our sterilizer is equipped with advanced features to ensure optimal functionality and user protection.

  1. Automatic UV Light Control: The UV light seamlessly turns off upon opening the front door, preventing any direct exposure. This smart design prioritizes user safety during item retrieval.

  2. Intelligent Activation: The lamp activates only when the front door is securely closed, ensuring that the sterilization process begins precisely when needed. This feature enhances operational control and efficiency.

  3. Stainless Steel Partitions: To facilitate organized sterilization, the sterilizer is fitted with two durable stainless steel grills. These partitions enable the separation of items, promoting a systematic approach to sterilizing salon tools.

  4. Quality Germicidal Lamp: Our UV Sterilizer is equipped with a high-quality germicidal lamp, delivering powerful sterilization to safeguard against harmful pathogens. This feature underscores our commitment to maintaining a hygienic salon or spa environment.

  5. Staff Safety Assurance: Designed with the well-being of your staff in mind, this sterilizer incorporates safety features that prioritize the user's protection. Feel confident in providing a secure working environment for your team.


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