Psky Sterilizer

  • Rs. 5440
  • Rs. 6800
  • This sterilizer is design for professional use.
  • The sterilizer has ultraviolet bulb, output a disinfectant, germicidal light that kills most of micro organisms.
  • It has been coated with inspection window in the door permits viewing and verification that the UV is functioning.
  • It has protective shielded door that block the UV rays.
             Exclusive of GST.

Product Description


Introducing PSKY Sterilizer: The Ultimate Solution for Professional Sterilization. Ensure a safe and germ-free environment with the PSKY Sterilizer, specially crafted for professional use. This cutting-edge sterilizer is equipped with advanced features to meet the highest standards of hygiene in your workspace.

1. Powerful UV Disinfection Technology: The PSKY Sterilizer boasts a high-performance ultraviolet bulb, emitting a powerful germicidal light. This advanced technology effectively eliminates a wide range of microorganisms, providing thorough sterilization for your tools and equipment.

2. Acrylic-Coated Inspection Window: Experience transparency and peace of mind with the sterilizer's acrylic-coated inspection window. This feature allows for easy viewing and verification of the UV sterilization process without compromising safety.

3. Spacious Interior for Versatile Use: Designed with your convenience in mind, the sterilizer offers ample interior space to accommodate various tools and equipment. From scissors to tweezers, you can confidently sterilize an array of items essential for your professional needs.

4. Protective Shielded Door: Safety is paramount. The PSKY Sterilizer features a protective shielded door that effectively blocks harmful UV rays. This ensures not only the safety of your tools but also the well-being of professionals using the sterilizer.

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